Adding Your Domain Automatically (GoDaddy, Media Temple or 1&1)


For GoDaddy, Media Temple, or 1&1 domains, you can connect your custom domain automatically in a few easy steps!


If you already have a website at your root domain (e.g.,, you'll need to use a subdomain (e.g., Your Unbounce landing pages can't live at the same URL as your home page.

Adding Your Domain into Unbounce Automatically 

  1. Log in to Unbounce.
  2. Within your desired Client subaccount, click the Domains link from the left-side navigation bar.
  3. Click the Add a Domain button at the top right corner of the screen. A new dialog box will appear.
  4. Enter your subdomain and root domain:
    • Within the blank field on the left, enter your desired subdomain (in the example below, the subdomain is mylandingpage).
    • In the blank field on the right, enter your root domain from GoDaddy, MediaTemple, or 1&1 (the example below is
      Annotated image of a red arrow pointing to the 'Add a Domain' button in Unbounce.
  5. Click the Create domain button. 
  6. Since you're connecting a GoDaddy, MediaTemple, or 1&1 domain, a prompt will appear that allows you to set up your CNAME with your domain hosting service automatically:
    A pop-up with the option to connect to a GoDaddy domain automatically.
  7. Click the button to Connect automatically
  8. The log-in page for your hosting provider will appear. Follow the log-in prompts and steps in your hosting provider.

Here is a gif demo of this feature:
Gif demo of the auto-domain connect feature.

Once you've signed into your hosting provider and followed the prompts, your domain will appear ready to use within the list of domains: 
List of domains within Domains page.

If you're having trouble with the auto-domain connect feature, you can always link your domain manually by creating a CNAME record for your subdomain

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