Troubleshooting Your Domain


Troubleshooting Problems With Your CNAME Record

If you've waited a few days and are still experiencing issues with changes to your CNAME records, you can quickly verify your CNAME record by running a CNAME lookup using MxToolbox:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your custom domain's URL in the Domain Name field.
  3. Click the CNAME Lookup button.

The image below shows the result you're after, as it shows that the domain "" is correctly pointing to "" with a CNAME record:


These results show you:

        • Type: The type of record created for your subdomain.
          • If your DNS settings are correct, you will see 'CNAME' in this field.
          • If you do not see 'CNAME' in the response and only see 'A' then there may be an A Record in your DNS that is overriding your CNAME Record.  This A Record will need to be deleted or changed because you cannot have an A Record and a CNAME record created for the same subdomain.
        • Domain Name: The domain you searched.
        • Canonical Name: The host to which your domain points.
          • If your DNS settings are correct, you will see "" or a unique cname id containing in this field
          • If you see a different value, you will have to edit the host (or points to) value of this subdomain in your DNS settings to be "".
          • Note: you might see something like "" in this field. If you do, you'll have to return to your host and edit the points to value of your CNAME record to be "" (note the extra . at the end).
        • TTL: Your time to live value.This is the amount of time your server holds on to older cached information before it refreshes to show any new changes. If your custom domain does not seem to be working properly, you may just need to wait the amount of time indicated before your custom domain will work.

      If you need to make changes to an existing domain in the Unbounce builder, click the ellipsis button to the right of the domain you’d like to change. This will expand a drop-down menu with change options for that domain.

      Once your CNAME is fully propagated and functional, you’ll want to change the URL of your landing page in the Unbounce builder.



      CNAME records can take a few days to propagate. If you've waited a few days and followed these steps and are still experiencing difficulties with your custom domain, take a screenshot of your current DNS setup and contact us using the Help widget at the bottom left corner of Unbounce.