How Do I Add My Domain To Unbounce?


This article will give an overview of the various ways you can add your domain to Unbounce. Connecting your domain to Unbounce is one of the most important steps when setting up your account. Connecting a domain allows for message match between your URL and your landing page, is a needed step if you were to advertise on Google Adwords, and allows you to get SSL encryption for secure pages.

Connecting Your WordPress Domain

If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, you can publish landing pages to your WordPress domain through our WordPress Plugin, without the complexity of DNS record and CNAME setup.

Check out our article "Connecting Your Domain Using the WordPress Plugin."

Automatically Connecting Your Domain

If you are connecting to a GoDaddy, MediaTemple, or 1&1 domain and your site isn't a Wordpress site, follow the prompts in this article "Adding Your Domain Automatically" to set up your CNAME record in a few simple steps.

Manually Connecting Your Domain

If the first two options to connect your domain don't apply to you, then never fear! You can connect your domain to Unbounce manually by following the instructions for these hosting providers:

For all other hosting providers, have a look over our article "Setting Up Your CNAME with an Unlisted Hosting Provider."

Connecting Your Naked Domain

If you're using a root domain (a domain that normally starts with "www"), you might want to ensure visitors can reach your page without typing "www" in front of the domain as well.

You can follow the steps in this article: "Setting Up a Naked Domain in Unbounce."

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