Installing Your Popup/Sticky Bar



So you've customized your first popup and/or sticky bar and you're ready to launch it for the world to see!

Follow the links below to add your popup/sticky bar to the platform of your choice. 


Only one embed code from each client can be added to a page at a time. If more than one embed code is added to a page, only the first one to load will fire.


It is not currently possible to launch Popups and lightboxes from Sticky Bars.

Installing Your Popup/Sticky Bar on an Unbounce Page

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Google Tag Manager

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Magento

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in Shopify

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in WordPress (Single Page or Post)

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar in WordPress (Entire Domain)

Installing your Popup/Sticky Bar Anywhere Else

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