How Can I Change My Display URL?


Looking to change the domain or page path connected to your landing pages to better align with your campaign? If so, you're in the right place! 

This article will explain how to change your landing page domain and page path, including some best practices to note before and after updating your page URL. 

Changing Your Page's URL

  1. Once you've connected your custom domain to Unbounce, navigate to the Page Overview screen for the page you wish to update with your custom domain. 
  2. Click on the current URL at the top of the Page Overview:
    Gif demo of a user clicking the 'Change URL' button. A pop-up appears with options to update the domain.
  3. Click the Domain Name drop-down menu to choose from your available domains: 
    Choosing a domain from the drop-down menu.
  4. To change the Page Path, edit the text to your desired page path:
    A red arrow pointing to the field to update the page path.
    • A page path is part of your URL following the domain name to help you organize different pages across your domain. For example, for the URL, home-page is the page path.
  5. Once you've finalized your page URL, click the blue Save URL button to save your selection!

Be sure to Republish your page if needed. 

Looking to Change Your URL During a Campaign or Whilst Running an Ad?

While we do not advise changing your URL during a campaign, you can use a 301/302 redirect to ensure visitors are redirected to the correct page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I change my display URL?

This will be the new URL of your landing page, but what happens to the old one?

Visitors trying to access your old URL will land on a "URL could not be reached" page. You may want to set up a custom 404 page for your page visitors! 

I republished my page & I still see the old URL - why is that?

Since you are making changes to your page, you may need to perform a hard refresh to see these changes applied or, view your landing page in an incognito window. 

How do I set up a hard refresh?

A hard refresh will refresh the browser cache for that page so that you can see the updated version of your landing page. You will want to hold the Shift + Command + R keys on your keyboard on a Mac device, or, Shift + Control + R keys on a PC device. 

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