Getting Started with Smart Traffic


Spend less time guessing and testing and collect more conversions than ever before when you enable Smart Traffic. 

Want to know how to get the most conversions with the least amount of work? By creating variants and enabling Smart Traffic on your Unbounce account, Unbounce will automagically do the work of routing your visitors to the best landing page option suited to them - ultimately leading you towards more conversions. 

Follow along with this guide to learn how to get started with Smart Traffic. 

Smart Traffic Deep Dive

Want a more in-depth look? Here’s a comprehensive explanation of how Smart Traffic works:

Or, take a look at this handy infographic that explains Smart Traffic in 5 simple steps.

Using Smart Traffic for your Landing Pages

Got the basic gist? Great, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to enable Smart Traffic on your account. 

  1. Create page variants - Before enabling Smart Traffic, you’ll need to have at least 2 variants where Smart Traffic can route your visitors. 
  2. Set a Conversion Goal - Now set a conversion goal that you’d like to reach. 
  3. Publish your variants & enable Smart Traffic - Time to turn on Smart Traffic! Once you’ve enabled Smart Traffic, it will enter a learning stage. Now sit back and wait for those conversions to start coming in! 
  4. Look and wait - Once you start the test, Smart Traffic will enter the Learning Phase. This phase allows the Smart Traffic AI to learn about your visitors' behaviors and help direct them to a variant most likely to convert.  Avoid editing or deleting variants at this time, as it will restart the Learning Phase. 
  5. Hang tight for a lift in conversions!

Further Information

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