Creating a Page With the Classic Builder


Looking to build a landing page with the Classic Builder? This page will help you get started!

See our documentation for steps on creating a landing page with Smart Builder.


Please be aware that Classic Builder pages are not cross-compatible with Smart Builder. 

  1. Log in to the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform.
  2. Click the Create New button at the top right corner.
  3. Choose the option to create a page with the Classic Builder:
    Create a page with the Classic Builder.
  4. Click Start Building. A page will appear with different templates to choose from:
    A list of Classic Builder templates on left-hand side of screen, with previews on right-hand side.
  5. Under Pick a Content Type, landing pages should be selected by default.
  6. Choose a Template from the assortment of pre-made landing page templates.
    • You can use the Filter drop-down menu to pick a template to suit the specific purposes of your campaign.
    • You can also preview templates by clicking on them: 
      Gif demo of a user clicking a template - the template populates on right-hand side of screens.
    • You can switch between screen screenicon.png and mobile mobileicon.png in this preview area by clicking on the appropriate icon, to help you decide which template is right for you:
      Gif demo of user clicking the mobile icon at the top of the template preview.
  7. Once you’ve chosen a template, Choose a Name for your template so you’ll be able to distinguish this page from other landing pages you might want to create later.
  8. Click the Start with this Template button to launch the Classic Builder. 

You've created and started your first page!

Need some guidelines for what to do next? Check out our Building Your First Landing Page for a detailed breakdown of how to get started. Or, visit these articles: