How Does Unbounce Track Page Stats?


Unbounce is making some improvements with our stats system, as we’ve since updated our data collection method to a new client-side system.

One benefit of this system is its increased ability to detect and filter spam from incoming traffic. This change creates an accurate data & stats tracking system for your landing pages.

Less spam traffic equals high-quality leads arriving at your landing page, and accurate data overall!

Tracking your Page Stats in Unbounce

Upgrading over to a client-side system opens up new opportunities for Unbounce to support future reporting and insights. This helps us help our customers better understand page conversions and other tracking metrics.

How does this work? Our client-side system uses JavaScript code that runs on landing pages. It sends that info directly to our data collection service, where they are processed and displayed alongside other stats listed on the Page Overview screen.


Because the client-side system relies heavily on JavaScript, script-blocking tools such as ad blockers can interfere with page tracking capabilities in the Unbounce App. Our teams understand that stat tracking is imperative to the app’s functionality. That said, we will be keeping track of this over the next while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following this update, what changes do I need to make to my Pages or the App setup?

Rest assured that any current setup of your integrations, external conversion tracking, or standard conversion tracking will not be affected by these stats reporting updates.

Why do I see fewer visitors and conversions on a daily/monthly basis than before?

Our new stats system is less susceptible to certain types of spam and bot traffic so that you could be seeing a reduction in unwanted traffic. In some cases, the reduction may result from ad blockers (installed locally in your visitor’s browsers) preventing our tracking script from loading on the landing page.

We will continue to monitor this and do our best to reduce the impact that ad blockers have on tracking your Unbounce pages.

Why are my page stats in Unbounce different from reports in Google Analytics?

A slight discrepancy in page stats between Google Analytics and Unbounce, and other JavaScript-based analytic platforms, can be expected. Please read the following documentation for more information, which explains why these discrepancies can occur: Why Are My Google Analytics Stats and Unbounce Stats Showing Different Numbers?

If you have any further questions about stats tracking for your landing pages(s), please contact Unbounce support by clicking the Help at the bottom right-hand corner of this page, or sending us a message via our Request form