Enabling Smart Traffic on Your Account


Pro Tip:

Step-by-step setup now simplifies your path to Smart Traffic-powered optimization.

  • Select Smart Traffic when creating a page 
  • Create another page variant 
  • Publish your pages 
  • Let your page learn with each unique visitor 
  • Once your pages have completed a learning phase, it’s now primed for optimization, and AI will automatically route new visitors to the variant upon which they’re most likely to convert. 

This article will explain how to set up and enable Smart Traffic onto your landing pages, and how to analyze your Smart Traffic stats. 

To enable Smart Traffic on a landing page, you’ll need at least two active variants

  1. Navigate to the landing page where you’d like to activate Smart Traffic. 
  2. Scroll down the page to the Page Traffic Mode section and select Smart Traffic.


Adding a Variant to Smart Traffic

You can add an unlimited amount of variants to your Smart Traffic enabled landing page, with the caveat that every variant added will increase the amount of learning time that Smart Traffic will require before it can optimize its traffic direction algorithm. This is known as the Learning Phase. 

What is the learning phase? Smart Traffic has an initial learning period and will start optimizing your traffic when your visitor count hits 50. 

  1. To add a new variant, click Add Variant at the bottom of the Page Traffic Mode section.  
  2. You can add new variants by three different methods: 
    1. Duplicating an existing variant
    2. Starting from scratch
    3. Starting from a template
  3. Once you’ve selected which method you’d like to use, click Create Variant at the bottom right corner of the dialog box.  smart_traffic_inactive_variant.gif

Enabling an Inactive Variant to Smart Traffic

To enable an Inactive Variant to Smart Traffic mode, you’ll have to change the variant status to active. 

  1. Click on the Ellipsis menu on the right side of the variant you’d like to make active, and select Add to active variants
  2. Once the variant is returned to active status, republish it to active Smart Traffic on this variant. smart_traffic_add_variant.gif

Smart Traffic Status Details

Once you’ve enabled Smart Traffic on your landing page, your account will show a Smart Traffic status bar with three possible statuses:

  • Awaiting Publish - Smart Traffic is ready and will start working once the page is published.
  • Learning Phase - Smart Traffic is analyzing the incoming visitors and learning about their behavior and attributes. 
  • Optimizing - Smart Traffic has learned about your visitors and has started to route visitors to the pages with the highest likelihood for them to convert. Note: Smart Traffic will continue to learn even after it has begun optimizing. 

Once you’ve published your variants, Smart Traffic will go into the Learning Phase. smart_traffic_learning_status.png

Smart Traffic will begin optimizing in as little as 50 visitors at which point it will show an Optimizing state. smart_traffic_optimizing_status.png

Do note: any time a new variant is added, your Smart Traffic test will route back to the Learning Phase

Smart Traffic will display the lift percentage achieved once the learning phase has been completed and optimizing has begun. 

Viewing Your Smart Traffic Results

 The lift percentage numbers will appear above your conversion rates. As Smart Traffic optimizes and learns your visitors’ behaviors, your lift percentage and extra conversions number should increase. 


Looking for more resources about Smart Traffic? Take a read of the following docs: 

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