What is Smart Traffic?


Smart Traffic is an AI-powered algorithm that matches visitors to the variant they’re most likely to convert on. Boost your marketing confidence by enabling Smart Traffic on your landing pages!

See the video below to learn more:


Using contextual multi-armed bandit theory, Smart Traffic eliminates a "one-page-fits-all" approach to conversion optimization by delivering the most relevant content to each visitor.

It automatically analyzes and learns from a visitor's attributes (including their location and device, among other attributes) to send them to the variant where they're most likely to convert.

It never stops learning and adjusting, always working on getting you the highest conversion rate possible.

Here is what it looks like in comparison to a traditional A/B test: 


Now, let’s route these visitors using A/B Testing vs. Smart Traffic: 



As the amount of traffic to your variants grows, Smart Traffic learns in real time which demographic of visitors are more likely to convert to which variant and will direct that demographic to the appropriate variant.

The longer you use Smart Traffic, the more your results will improve.

You’ll receive more conversions as it parses and uses the data to drive traffic to the variant most likely to lead to a conversion. 


Smart Traffic has an initial learning phase and will optimize your traffic when your visitor count hits 30. When adding additional variants not present from the start, Smart Traffic requires an additional 30 visitors per variant added to its initial learning phase. 

Why Should I Use Smart Traffic?  

Smart Traffic helps to solve 3 key market problems to improve your conversion rates: 

  1. While still a valid testing method, A/B testing takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach to conversion optimization by crowning just one champion page variant. At best, this helps serve up a single landing page that appeals to as many visitors as possible. But not all visitors are the same, and potential conversions fall through the cracks when someone hits a champion variant that just isn’t right for them. It's best to have various pages tailored to different prospects, devices, and traffic sources—and to route each visitor to the perfect page for them.
  2. A/B testing has long been marketers’ go-to conversion optimization method, but these tests can be challenging to set up correctly and the results can be hard to interpret. A/B Testing can be very complex, and often demands long test duration (which can cause delays), high traffic volume, and generous ad budgets you may not have. 
  3. Traditionally, testing a new idea for your landing pages comes with a certain level of risk because doing it incorrectly produces poor results and decreasing performance. 

Without a firm grasp of the nuances of conversion rate optimization and testing, these risks increase. A solid hypothesis is critical to the success of an A/B test, while a bad one may produce inaccurate results.  You need the confidence to optimize your conversions without having to interpret complex results yourself (or rely on experts).

What Are the Benefits of Using Smart Traffic? 

  • The ability to try multiple strategies and hypotheses at one time. For example, one variant sells the product, while the other sells the customer story.
  • Getting the most conversions in the least amount of time. Smart traffic is effective with as few as 30 visitors to your landing page.
  • Serves up the right variant for each traffic source going to the same URL, despite having multiple traffic sources. 
  • Risk-free testing of new designs. If your new content is not performing, traffic will quickly and automatically be redirected to your old standard. 
  • An adaptable system that improves over time. New traffic sources, and new reactions to variants will be accounted for as the system learns and adapts to the changes and automatically routes the traffic to the appropriate variant. 

Are there any Scenarios where I should use A/B Testing over Smart Traffic?  

For most of our customers, Smart Traffic would be the best option to get the most conversions possible.

You could still conduct an A/B test, but remember that A/B tests require longer test durations, significantly high traffic volume, and a generous ad budget. 

Current Known Limitations of Smart Traffic 

  • Currently, Smart Traffic is only available on landing pages on custom domains.
  • Each of your variants will require a conversion goal. 
  • Pages currently running Smart Traffic will continue to route traffic per the last configuration for 10 minutes upon republishing. Smart Traffic will take 10 minutes to push through a new algorithm. 
    • Note: This does not affect publishing new pages with Smart Traffic. 
  • Changing your landing page's domain, republishing your page, or making any edits to your page will revert Smart Traffic back to the learning phase.
    • This phase allows the Smart Traffic AI to learn about your visitors' behaviors and help direct them to a variant most likely to convert.
  • Smart Traffic is not available for Popups, or Sticky Bars.