Smart Traffic FAQ


Got some questions about Smart Traffic? See the following FAQs relating to Smart Traffic variants, reporting, and more!

Getting Started with Smart Traffic FAQs

Smart Traffic and Page Variants FAQs

Smart Traffic Reporting FAQs

Getting Started with Smart Traffic FAQs

Will Smart Traffic work on my WordPress Domain?

Yes, it will work on your WordPress Domain, with some conditions: 

  • If stats and form submissions work on your existing Unbounce WordPress pages, then Smart Traffic should also work.
  • If your WordPress domain has plugins that affect how Javascript loads, then this could interfere with how Smart Traffic learns. It could also affect our ability to track stats and collect leads.
  • If your Wordpress hosting service caches entire pages along with the cookies, then this will interfere with Smart Traffic.
    • You need to prevent page caching for Smart Traffic-specific pages connected with a WordPress domain.


Does Smart Traffic work on Popups or Sticky Bars?

Unfortunately, Smart Traffic is currently only available on regular Unbounce pages. We don’t expect to add support for Popups and Sticky Bars in the near future. 

Smart Traffic and Page Variants FAQs

Is there a limit to how many variants you can have active on a page using Smart Traffic? Is it wise to have 20 variants?

We recommend adding as many variants as you see fit, but adding more variants does increase the time/visitors Smart Traffic takes to leave its Learning Phase.

Smart Traffic will start optimizing your traffic when your visitor count hits 50.

Any time you add new variants, that was not present from the start of the test, Smart Traffic will revert back to the Learning Phase, and require an additional 30 visitors (per variant).


What if I want to make changes to my landing page after enabling Smart Traffic? Will this disrupt the test?

Any time you add a new variant, republish your page, or make changes to existing variants, Smart Traffic will resort back to the Learning Phase. We recommend duplicating the page with all the variants to reset to the Learning Phase. 


If one of the variants on the page (running Smart Traffic) has a significantly lower conversion rate than all the other variants, is it wise to deactivate the variant and replace it with a similar variant we think might have a better chance of converting?

There’s no need to deactivate variants with Smart Traffic.

Even if the conversion rate is lower, that variant may still be best for a small cohort of visitors. Instead of deactivating the lowest variant, leave it running and add in a new variant with the changes you would like to make.

Sometimes, Smart Traffic suggests that you deactivate certain variants, if they don't serve any of your visitors. Learn more about that there: Deactivate Variant Insight here


When is it appropriate to deactivate a variant on a Smart Traffic landing page?

With Smart Traffic, lower-performing variants can still serve a purpose for a small segment of visitors, so it can be a good practice to keep them.

However, our algorithm may offer insights that will allow you to focus your efforts on iterating and improving high-performing variants by recommending variants to deactivate.

See Deactivate Variant Insight to learn more!

Smart Traffic Reporting FAQs

What is a Lift Percentage? How do you calculate Lift Percentage to determine how much more conversions I’ve received since enabling Smart Traffic?

The Lift Percentage compares the conversion rate received with Smart Traffic enabled, to the conversion rate that would have resulted from randomly sending traffic to each variant if you had been running an A/B test.

Unbounce uses a statistical model to estimate the conversion rate of each page variant under randomly routing, based on:

  • Recorded traffic geolocation
  • Browsing device
  • Conversion data

The Lift Percentage is the best estimate possible with the available traffic data, and is intended to provide you with an idea of how well Smart Traffic has optimized the most number of conversions possible for your landing page.  


Does resetting stats reset Smart Traffic?

No, resetting page stats does not impact Smart Traffic.

If you do want to reset Smart Traffic, we recommend duplicating the page with all the variants and republishing.


Can Smart Traffic look at visitor behavior across 2 or more other Unbounce pages and see how the whole funnel converts?

You can apply Smart Traffic to both pages, but the machine will be looking at them as isolated experiences.

Smart Traffic looks at what is happening on a URL by URL basis. 


What kind of information does Smart Traffic gather on incoming visitors? 

Smart Traffic learns from attributes such as browser type, country or region, timezone, operating system, etc. Rest assured, the Smart Traffic AI does not collect any PII (personality identification information) from your visitors.