Changing Your Subscription Plan Type and/or Length


You can change your account plan type and subscription length by doing the following:

  • Click Your Avatar (circle shaped icon) in the top right corner and select Account Management from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Subscriptions button on the left side of the screen.


From this screen you’ll be able to change:

  • Your Subscription Plan Type
  • Your Subscription Plan Length (Monthly or Annual)

To Change Plan Type: 

  • Select your desired subscription type and click on the Upgrade/ Downgrade button.

To Change Plan length:

  • Click the Annual/Monthly toggle button to select the desired subscription length.
  • Click the Get Monthly/ Get Annual and “Pay $...” button at the top right corner to confirm your change.


If You’re Upgrading Your Account Plan Type:

  • We’ll give you immediate access to included plan features.
  • You’ll be charged a prorated difference under plans with the same length of time. (I.e. Essential Annual to Premium Annual).
  • Your billing cycle will remain the same under plans with the same length of time.

If You’re Downgrading Your Account:

  • If you're downgrading plan length
    •  You will be given a prorated credit for unused months.
    • Your new billing cycle will change to the date that you modified your plan. 
  • If you’re downgrading your plan type:
    • You’ll still have access to your current plan’s features until the end of the current billing cycle,  at which time your new plan and its new payment amount will take effect. 



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