Working with Users


There are three types of Unbounce user role permissions. 

This article explains how to invite users, resend invitation emails, modify user roles, and how to add Viewer/Author roles to specific Clients only. 

User Roles Permissions


Use case: Great for members of your team who simply want to view and approve pages, popups, or sticky bars before they're published for your campaigns. 

  • Viewers can access pages, popups and sticky bars, stats, and leads.
  • Viewers cannot edit or manage pages, nor have access to account management details, billing details, domains, or adding other users. 


Use case: Author permissions are great if you want to invite designers or copywriters to edit landing pages.

  • Authors can edit, manage, publish or unpublish pages, popups and sticky bars, and they have access to viewing leads and stats.
  • Authors cannot access account management details, billing details, domains, or adding other users. 


Use case: Administrators can manage the Unbounce account, including billing details.

  • Admins can edit, manage, publish or unpublish pages, popups and sticky bars, and can access account management details, billing details, domains, and add other users.
  • What sets Admins apart from Owners is that Admins cannot delete leads, or remove other Admins.

See our user role permissions chart for a full breakdown of user permissions.

Inviting a New User

Follow these steps to add a new user to a client:

  1. Click on Your Avatar (circle-shaped icon)  in the top right corner of the screen and select Account Management from the drop-down menu. 
  2. Select Users from the menu on the left side of the screen:
  3. Click the Invite button at the top right hand of the Users screen. A new dialog box will appear.invite_button.png
  4. In the new Invite User to a Client dialog box, fill out all the pertinent information regarding your new user: 
    1. Enter your new user's email address in the Invitee field.
    2. Select the Role that you'd like to assign for your new user.
    3. Choose the Client to which you'd like to assign the new user from the drop-down menu. (Leave this field blank if you are inviting a new admin.)
    4. Click the Add User button once complete. 
  5. Your new user will receive an email inviting them to join your Client.


    In order to create their Invitee account, new users must first select the Sign Up button in their invite email before signing into the Unbounce app.

    Screenshot of a new user invite email

Resend or Cancel an Invitation

Sometimes, invitations might expire before the user you're hoping to invite can open the email. In this case, you must resend the invitation.

Or, you might want to cancel an invitation if you no longer want the user having access to your Unbounce account. 

To resend or cancel an invitation,

  1. Type the email address of the pending user in the search bar in the top right corner of the screen. 
  2. Click on the ellipsis beside the pending user's email address and select either the Resend Invitation or Cancel Invitation option.resend_or_cancel_user_invite.gif

Cancelling an invitation will revoke the activation link from the sent email. If the email receiver clicks on the activation link they will receive an access denied error message. 

View All Users in your Unbounce Account

From the Users page under your Account Management section, you can filter and sort your users account-wide by:

  • Selecting a specific client
  • Choosing between active and pending users, or
  • Typing in a specific name or email using the search bar.   filtering_and_sorting_users.gif


Are you missing the Filter by search bar? You are likely in the Users section for a specific client rather than account-wide. Follow the steps in Access the Account Users Screen to ensure you're in the right area. 

Modify Role Permissions or Remove Users

Only the Owner or an Administrator of your account can modify other users' roles. 

From the same Account Management page, locate the name of the person whose user role you'd like to modify. Click the ellipsis button to bring up the modify role menu. 


For Author and Viewer Roles, you'll see the following options: 

  • Change Role will bring up a dialog box to choose between the viewer or author roles. 
  • Remove from Client will remove this author/viewer entirely from the Client, removing any privileges they previously had. 
  • Remove from All Clients will remove this author/viewer from all clients they currently have access to. 
  • Grant Admin Privileges will grant full Admin privileges to this user. They can make changes account-wide and have full access to all users, clients, and pages. 

Remove or Revoke Admin Privileges

Only an account owner can remove an admin or revoke admin privileges. 

Locate the admin's name that you would like to remove or revoke privileges. Click the ellipsis button to bring up the menu.


  • Remove from All Clients will delete the admin entirely from the account. They will no longer have access to the account or any clients. 
  • Revoke Admin Privileges will automatically downgrade the user's role permission to an Author's.  

Adding a User to a Specific Client

Adding a user with Author or Viewer permissions allows your customers to view pages within your Clients (sub-folders), but they will not have access to account management details, editing, publishing, or unpublishing pages. 

For example, some agencies will invite their customers into their Clients (sub-folders) as Viewers to review the page performance in-app.

To add a user with Viewer or Author role permissions to your account:

  1.  Click the drop-down menu next to your Client name on the left menu of the Unbounce App:
    List of Client sub-folders.
    1. In this example, we'll add a user to the Eastside Veterinarian Client; the invitee can only see pages within this Client.
  2. Select the Client you want to add your user to. 
  3. Here, you will see all existing users who currently have access to this Client:
    List of existing users have access to the account.
  4. Click Invite at the top-right-hand corner. A new window will appear.
  5. Type in the invitee's email address, and select Viewer of Client or Author of Client.
    Pop-up window with a field to enter invitee's email address.
  6. Click Add User to invite the user. 

And that's it! The invitee will receive an email to accept the invitation. Once they have access, they will only see pages within that Client. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a user with Viewer permissions see all my pages in my Unbounce account? 

No, they can only see pages of the Client they've been invited to. 

Why can't I make changes to the user role permissions?

Only an Owner or an Administrator of an account can modify other users' roles. 

For example, if you are the Owner of your own account, you can remove, update, or edit other user roles.

Or, if you're an Administrator in someone else's account, you can remove, update, or edit other user roles (except those of other Administrators).

However, if you are an Author or Viewer within someone else's account, you cannot modify those user permissions. 

Why don't I see the three ellipses to update user role permissions? 

It may be that an Owner of another account invited you as an Author or Viewer for their specific Client. 

Since you're an invitee as an Author or Viewer, you won't have access to making changes to user roles.