What is a Form Confirmation Dialog?


When your visitors complete a form on your landing page, you want to alert them that their information was successfully captured and confirm that you've received the submission. 

The Form Confirmation Dialog is a pop-up that appears after your visitor completes a sign-up form. This built-in feature is available in both the Classic Builder and Smart Builder.   

This article will explain updating the Form Confirmation Dialog in the Classic Builder and Smart Builder. 

Updating the Form Confirmation Dialog in the Classic Builder

  1. Navigate to the landing page in the Classic Builder.  
  2. Click the Form Confirmation Dialog tab in the top left corner of the Classic Builder:Annotated image of arrow pointing to Form Confirmation Dialog tab.
  3. A default Form Confirmation Dialog will appear: Eding the Form Confirmation Dialog.
  4. Like editing your landing page, you can edit and style your Form Confirmation Dialog to your liking. 
  5. Be sure to Save and Republish/Publish your landing page when you're happy with the changes.  

Updating the Form Confirmation Dialog in Smart Builder

  1. Navigate to your page in Smart Builder.
  2. Single-click the form on your landing page. 
  3. Click the Form CTA Link Settings  button: 
    Annotated image of CTA settings for Smart Builder form.
  4. Choose Confirmation Page (default).
  5. From the pop-up that appears, update your form confirmation message:

    Form confirmation message example.
  6. Click Submit to finalize, and be sure to Save and Publish/Republish your landing page. 

Want some inspiration? Here are some options on how to customize your Form Confirmation Dialog:

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