Why Would I Use a Subdomain For My Landing Pages?


Using a subdomain allows you to manage your landing pages separately from your root domain, while presenting a uniform domain to prospects and customers.

By using subdomains, your marketing team will have control over the subdomain to publish pages and run campaigns on their own schedule without involving IT (past the initial set-up process).

Subdomains also allow marketers to add extra context to their page from the get-go with content in the URL.

By using something like try.yourwebsitedomain.com, it sets the stage for your prospects before they even start reading your landing page content.

How Do I Set Up a Subdomain?

For more information, check out How do I Add My Domain To Unbounce?

Why Do I Need a CNAME Record?

Because Unbounce uses a rotating IP address, we need a way of pointing a subdomain to our landing page, and a CNAME record is the best way to do this.