Getting Email Notifications for Leads



We use SendGrid to send out our lead notification emails. At no time does SendGrid store the content of these emails.

Getting Email Notifications for New Leads

If you’re like most marketers, you spend a lot of time hitting the refresh key to see how many leads your lead generation landing page is producing. Unbounce lets you automatically receive an email alert whenever you get a new lead.

You can set up a trigger in Unbounce to automatically send you an email notification when one of your page visitors submits a form on your landing pages.

Setting up Lead Notification Emails

To set up email notifications for your lead gen landing pages, navigate to the Page Overview, Select the Integrations tab, then click the Email Notifications button.


You can then add your email (or a series of multiple emails) that should receive the notification. The email's subject line is fully configurable – and defaults to include the name of your landing page for easy identification.

To add multiple email addresses, simply separate them using a comma.

That’s it! You’ll now receive an email whenever you get a new lead from your lead generation landing pages without having to touch the refresh key.

Example Notification Email

Below is an example of what your notification emails will look like:


Customizing New Lead Email Notifications

If you subscribe to email notifications for new leads, you can customize the content and appearance of those emails.

What you will need

  • An Unbounce Landing Page with the lead notifications set up
  • A little bit of HTML know-how. 

What can you customize?

  • The email footer and add your own branding
  • Who the email appears to be from
  • What fields to display in the email
  • The look and feel of the notification


Email templates are unique for every Client, allowing different settings based on the context of the new lead.

Follow the instructions below to customize your new leads notifications:

  1. Log in to Unbounce
  2. Select the Client you wish to change the email settings for.
  3. Click Settings in the lower-left corner of your app.
  4. Select Email Notifications from the list of settings.

  5. Select Customized email template.
  6. Update the HTML and Text as desired (See below for an example).
  7. Preview HTML your changes to make sure you like them.
  8. Click Update Settings when finished.

Adding Company Branding

Make the email your own by changing the company name, phone number, and who the email appears to be from. Follow the steps below, replacing the company information with your own.

  1. Change the name of the sender to one of your choosing:


    This is the name of the sender only and does not affect the email address.

  2. Change the HTML email to contain your company’s name, email, phone number, and URL:

  3. Change the Text email to contain your company’s name, email, phone number, and URL:

  4. Preview the HTML and Text versions of the email to check the changes you’ve made.
  5. Click Update Settings when you've finished.

Sending Confirmation Emails to Your Leads

Yes, you can do this by setting up your account with one of our email provider integrations and creating an autoresponder. You can read more about autoresponders with Mailchimp here.

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