Setting Up Your CNAME with Network Solutions


How to Add a CNAME in Your Network Solutions Account:

  1. Log in to your Network Solutions account
  2. Click Manage Account
  3. Click Edit DNS under My Domain Names
  4. Click Edit Advanced DNS Records next to the domain you want to use with Unbounce
  5. Click Edit CNAME Records in the Host Aliases (CNAME Records) section (you might have to scroll down) 
  6. Enter the Alias (your chosen subdomain)
    • For example, if you picked "" as your custom domain, enter "promos"
    • Or, if you're using a root domain such as "" then you'll want to enter "www"
  7. Select Other Host from the radio buttons
  8. Paste in the unique cname id you received from the Unbounce Builder in the other host field
  9. Click Continue
    • If you see the error: "An A Record Already Exists for the Entered Alias" at this point, see below for instructions on deleting the conflicting A Record
  10. Click Save Changes

For further information check out the article below:

Network Solutions' support article

How to Delete an Existing A Record in Your Network Solutions Account

  1. Completes steps 1-3 above to access the DNS Manager Settings page
  2. Click Edit A Records in the IP Addresses (A Records) section (you might have to scroll down) 
  3. Select Delete for the record you want to remove
    • For example, if you are trying to create a CNAME record for the domain "", you will need to delete the A Record for the host "www"
  4. Click Continue to move to the confirmation stage
  5. Click Continue to confirm the list of requested changes
  6. Return to Step 4 above to finish creating your CNAME Record

CNAMEs can take up to 48 hours to propagate. Once it's ready, you can ensure your pages are published where you want by making sure your domain is added to Unbounce and your landing pages are pointing to your custom domain.

Add Your Domain to Unbounce

Point Your Landing Pages to Your Custom Domain

If you've followed these steps and are still experiencing difficulties with your custom domain, take a screenshot of your current DNS setup and contact using the Help button.

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