Working with Clients


The Unbounce Clients feature allows you to manage your campaigns and projects separately within the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform.

A Client is a folder where you assign invited users to an environment of pages and domains that you can keep separate from other Clients in your account.

When you invite users, you specify which Client they can access, which allows you to keep your other customers' landing pages private while allowing that specific customer access to their landing page.

Within the same account, invited users only have access to pages and domains in their assigned Clients. Content in other Clients is not visible to users who don't have access to that Client folder.

Your Unbounce Subscription and Adding Clients 

With our Launch, Build, Experiment, Optimize, Accelerate, and Concierge plans, you can add as many Clients as you like. If you're on a different plan (Essential, Premium, Starter, etc.), you're allocated only a set number of Clients. 

To access more Clients, you may need to look into upgrading your plan. Feel free to reach out to our Support team to learn more!

Adding a New Client

  1. To add your first Client, click the Add Client link at the top left-hand corner of the page. A new dialog box will appear.
    • To add an additional new  Client, click the drop-down arrow next the existing Client. The drop-down menu will contain a list of any Clients that you've added to the account:
      Annotated image of Clients tab in the Unbounce CI Platform.
  2. In this new dialog box, fill in the name of the new Client:
    Dialog box with a field to add a Client name.
  3. Click the Create Client button to save the changes.

You're all set! You've created a new Client and can begin adding pages, popups & sticky bars. 

Editing, Archiving or Deleting Clients 

Sometimes you may need to change your Client's account, delete a Client, or archive a Client that you have completed but may need to access again later.

Follow the steps below to make changes to any active Client accounts.

  1. Click your Avatar (circle-shaped icon) in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Account Management from the drop-down menu:
    Annotated image of traffic and account management section of Unbounce CI Platform.
  2. A new page will appear.
  3. Click Clients on the left side of the screen. A new screen will appear:
    A list of Clients within the Account Management section.
  4. Locate the Client you would like to edit, archive, or delete.
    • To delete a client click the Delete Client button beside the Client's name.
    • To edit or archive a client, click the gear addclientcog.png button beside the Client's name. Select either Edit or Archive option from the list: 
      Drop-down menu with options to archive or edit Client, and a grey delete button.


You cannot delete or archive your Primary Client. 

Restoring an Archived Client

Unbounce allows you to restore an archived Client; for example, if you've archived a Client previously, but they've returned and you need to reaccess their pages.

Follow the steps below to restore an archived Client.

  1. From the same Clients page in the Account Management section, click the Archived button to view a list of archived Clients:
    Tab at top of Clients page titled 'Archived'
  2. Select Restore from the drop-down menu:
    Drop-down menu option to restore Client.

All set! Your Client will be restored and listed under the Active tab.