Adding a Pinterest Board to Smart Builder


Build brand awareness by showcasing images & media content by embedding your Pinterest board in Smart Builder. 

Quickly add a Pinterest board to your Smart Builder landing pages, with no coding required. 

What You’ll Need:

  • A Pinterest account with a live and public Pinterest board (have the link to your Pinterest board).

Installing the Pinterest App in Smart Builder

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab on the left-hand side of Smart Builder.
  2. Search and locate the Pinterest App.
  3. Click the plus button next to Pinterest to install the app.
  4. You may see a dialog box that appears, explaining that you can swap an element on your page with this App:
    A pop-up on top of Smart Builder explaining that this App is swappable.

To learn more about changing elements, see our documentation: Changing Elements on your Smart Builder Page

Once you've installed the App, you can apply it to the landing page.

Adding a Pinterest Board to your Page

You can replace any element on your page with a Pinterest board instead. 

Your board(s) update in real time whenever you 'pin' new products on that specific Pinterest board. 

  1. Single-click the element in Smart Builder you'd like to replace with a Pinterest board.
  2. Click the Change Element icon that appears at the bottom of the element.
  3. Within the drop-down menu, locate the Social Media tab. Select Pinterest from the list:
    Annotated image of a red arrow pointing to drop-down menu of element options.
  4. A Pinterest placeholder will appear in the section.
  5. Click Set Up a Pinterest Board.
  6. Within the Settings that appear, update the following:
    • Type or paste in your Pinterest board URL.
    • Enter your Board Height (the desired length of the board on the page).
  7. Click the Apply button, and the board will appear on the page:
    Gif demo of a user adjusting Settings to add a Pinterest Board URL and height settings.

To remove any vertical scrolling sidebars, increase the height of the board within the Settings tab:

Gif demo of a user adjusting the height of Pinterest Board from 400 to 600.

That's it! Be sure to Save & Publish your page to finalize these changes.