How to Search for & Install an Unbounce App


Unbounce Apps are no-code, built-in features that you can easily embed onto your pages in Smart Builder. There's a wide variety of Unbounce Apps to choose from, such as media apps, conversion tracking apps, and more. 

The Apps Gallery makes it easy to search, locate, & install different apps from a categorized and organized list, depending on the app's use case.

This article will explain how to search for & install different Unbounce Apps in Smart Builder. 

Searching for Apps

  1. Navigate to your landing page in Smart Builder. 
  2. Click the Apps tab on the left-hand side of the menu. A sidebar will appear. 
  3. Here, you view all available apps in Smart Builder:
    Gif demo of a user clicking the Apps icon in Smart Builder - Apps sidebar appears on left-hand side of Smart Builder.

From the sidebar, you will see a 

  • A search bar
    • Are you looking to add a specific app to Smart Builder? Type in the app's name, such as Google Analytics, Typeform, or Calendly, and if it's available, it will appear in the sidebar.
  • The Latest Apps tab
    • A shortlist of recently added apps to Smart Builder. 
  • The Installed Apps tab
    • Scroll down the apps sidebar; any apps you've previously downloaded will appear in this list.

To view a list of available apps broken down by category: 

  1. Click the See All The Apps button. A new page will appear with all Unbounce Apps.
    Gif demo of user clicking the 'See All The Apps' button. A new page appear with list of apps.
  2. Click the tabs at the top of the page to view apps based on categories (E-Commerce, Tracking, Forms, etc.):
    Gif demo of user clicking tabs at top of Apps page

Tick the button See only installed apps to see a list of apps you've already installed. 

Installing an App 

Once you've searched and found your app, you can install (add) it to Smart Builder. 

  1. Click the plus button within the app to install it:
    Annotated image of red arrow pointing to plus button on the Apps page.
    • No plus button next to the app implies that it's already been installed. 
  2. The app will appear within the Installed Apps section:
    Example of an installed app.

You've just installed an app! Be sure to Save and Publish your page to finalize any changes. 

Setting up & Configuring an Unbounce App

The steps for setting up different Unbounce Apps vary slightly. See our documentation for steps on how to use all apps:

Media Apps

Tracking Apps

Purchase & E-Commerce Apps

Form Apps

Utility Apps