Using Smart Copy's Chrome Extension & Desktop App


Access Smart Copy's handy copywriting features and suggestions outside the app with the Chrome Extension or Desktop App!

To locate these features, 

  1. Log into Smart Copy.  
  2. From the Nav Bar, navigate to the Tools tab.

Choose either the Chrome Extension or Desktop App, and follow the steps below to get started. 

Using the Smart Copy Chrome Extension

Smart Copy Chrome extension will help you write, rewrite, summarize or expand it, all with a few clicks of a button. 

The feature helps you write the following sentence or paragraph, expand on the content you've written, summarize longer content, or rewrite one of your existing lines of content.

When building your landing pages, the Chrome extension works in Gmail, Google Docs, Grammarly, or even directly in Unbounce.

Downloading the extension

To get started with the Chrome extension,

  1. From the Nav Bar, navigate to the Tools  tab.
  2. Click the Add To Chrome - It's Free button, or install the extension directly from the Chrome web app store.
    • If you have trouble accessing the extension once installed, try rebooting Google Chrome or double-check that Google Chrome is up-to-date.
  3. Once installed, the plugin icon will appear in your Chrome Extensions tab.
  4. Be sure to enable the plugin within Google Chrome, as seen in the below screenshot. When toggled, the extension will appear highlighted in green :
    Annotated image of Smart Copy Chrome extension within browser highlighted in red box, with green radio button.

    If you are on the Free Plan, you will have access to 10 credits to use with the Chrome extension. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can create unlimited content. See more in our Smart Copy FAQ documentation.

  5. Once installed and enabled in your Chrome, highlight a snippet of text and apply any of the following copywriting features:


Automatically writes more content to expand and lengthen existing content on your page. Use the Expand feature to charge past writer's block and generate an entire paragraph of additional content:

A block of text with copy suggestions on ways to expand it.


Synthesizes the existing copy to make it more concise: 

A block of text with copy suggestions on ways to reduce/synthesize the copy.


Takes in existing content and completely rewrites it, providing you with new versions of the same content. This feature retains the original thought while also restating it:
A block of text with copy suggestions on ways to remix or revamp it.

Next Sentence

Curates the next sentence or phrase following a passage:

A block of text with copy suggestions on suggestions for a following sentence.

Sift through multiple variations of copy suggestions by clicking the Next button.

  1. When you're happy with a copy recommendation, click the text to replace it on your page. Here is an example of the Remix feature in action:
    In this gif demo, the user clicks the 'Remix' option from the Smart Copy Chrome Extension tools. After suggestions appear, the user clicks the 'Next' button to see different recommendations.

And that's it! See our FAQ doc to learn more about using the Smart Copy Chrome extension directly in the Unbounce Conversion Intellignce™ Platform (Classic Builder, Smart Builder, etc.). 

Downloading the Smart Copy Chrome Desktop App

  1. Navgiate to the Tools page in Smart Copy.
  2. Locate the Desktop App box, and click Download Now.
  3. The Desktop App will automatically begin to download.
    • If you have any firewalls or data security systems installed in your hardware, you may run into privacy errors. Please ask that your IT team help support you if you have trouble downloading the App.  
  4. From the Downloads section on your machine, double-click the Smart Copy package.

For Apple Devices:

    1. Navigate to the Downloads folder.
    2. Double-click the Smart Copy package (titled Smart Copy 1.0.4-x64.dmg).
    3. Wait for the Smart Copy's additional packages and dependencies to load.
    4. The Smart Copy Desktop App will appear in the Desktop or Applications folder.

For Windows Devices:

    1. Navigate to the Downloads folder.
    2. Double-click the app to start the installation process. 
    3. Wait for the Smart Copy's additional packages and dependencies to install.
    4. A desktop shortcut will appear with the Smart Copy Desktop App.
  1. Launch the app, and input your login credentials.

You're all set! Instead of a browser window, you can now access Smart Copy from a desktop app on your machine.