Embedding a TikTok Into Your Smart Builder Page


TikTok has changed how content creators work by reducing the time, cost, and equipment needed to create engaging content.

One of the many ways to create engaging landing pages that capture customers' attention is to add Tiktok content that represents your brand or product.

This article will explain how to add TikTok content to your landing pages using Unbounce Apps. 

Installing the TikTok Embed App

These next steps will help you install the TikTok App in Smart Builder.

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab on the left-hand side of Smart Builder.
  2. Search and locate the TikTok App.
  3. Click the plus button next to TikTok to install the app.
  4. You may see a dialog box that appears, explaining that you can swap an element on your page with this App:
    A pop-up on top of Smart Builder explaining that this App is swappable.

To learn more about changing elements, see our documentation: Changing Elements on your Smart Builder Page.

Once you've installed the App, you can apply it to the landing page.

Adding a TikTok Element To Your Page

Now that you've installed the TikTok app, you can add a TikTok video to your landing page.

  1. Single-click the element in Smart Builder you'd like to replace with a TikTok video.
  2. Click the Change Element icon that appears at the bottom of the element. A drop-down menu will appear; select TikTok:
    Annoated image of an arrow pointing to TikTok from the drop-down menu option of Apps.
  3. A TikTok video placeholder will appear on your page:
    Gif demo of a user clicking TikTok from the drop-down menu options of Apps - the TikTok placeholder appears on the page.

Importing a TikTok Video

Before you can add the TikTok to your landing page, you'll need to copy the URL of your TikTok video. 

Navigate back to your TikTok account, and click the share button (an arrow icon). From the share options, select Copy link

Back on your Smart Builder page,

  1. Single-click the TikTok placeholder in that section.
  2. Click the TikTok URL button icon on the bottom left-hand side of the placeholder. A new window will appear:
    Add a TikTok video URL.
  3. Enter the video URL of your TikTok into the URL field to add the video to the section:
    • The TikTok embed code URL should appear as so: https://www.tiktok.com/@yourtiktokusername/video/123456789.
  4. Click anywhere outside the window to finalize the changes.

Be sure to Save and Publish your page once you're happy with your changes! TO see your TikTok in real-time, navigate to the Preview mode