Smart Builder Pre-Launch Checklist


Finished building and editing your page in Smart Builder? You're almost ready to publish it!

Before publishing your page, we recommend going through this checklist to ensure you have all the page features you need to have a successful campaign.


Using our Classic Builder? Click here for our Classic Builder Pre Launch Checklist!

This checklist will go through some critical components we recommend incorporating before publishing your landing page:

  1. Confirm your Conversion Goal(s)
  2. Test Page Links & Outgoing Links
  3. Share with your Team and Stakeholder
  4. Check for Content Errors
  5. Check for Formatting Issues & the Page on Other Devices
  6. Set up your Domain
  7. Setup and Test Integrations or Unbounce Apps
  8. Enable Smart Traffic or Conduct an A/B Test

Testing your Landing Pages

We recommend changing the display URL of your landing page to the default when testing your pages.

This way, you can test your landing page live in the browser, without having to link to your custom domain and send traffic to your page just yet. We'll explain more about custom domains later in this checklist.

Confirm your Conversion Goal(s)

Once you've finished customizing your landing page, be sure that you have a conversion goal set.

A conversion is any time a visitor on your landing page completes a desired action, such as submitting a form, clicking a button, watching a video, and so on.

Through measuring and tracking conversions, you can keep up to date with the performance of your landing page.

See our documentation for more in setting conversion goals in Smart Builder.

Test Page Links & Outgoing Links

Landing on a 404 page or broken link can affect how page visitors interact with your landing page, and may even impact whether they complete a conversion action.

Double-check that all outgoing links on your landing page - text links, button links, or click-to-call buttons - redirect to the correct pages.

To locate outgoing links to your buttons, texts, or click-to-call buttons, see our documentation: Adding Links to Text & Buttons in Smart Builder.

Share with your Team and Stakeholders

Share the URL of your landing page with colleagues and team members. They may have some input into how you can update the content, page design, or conversion goals.

Sharing with your team members and other stakeholders can also help you discover how your landing page appears on different devices.

Check for Content Errors

Double-check your page for any typographical errors or formatting issues. Be sure to read through your page and ask: does the copy make sense? Are there any spelling mistakes?

If you're having trouble updating content on your page, or coming into some writer's block, check out Smart Copy!

Smart Copy is a handy AI-powered copywriting assistant that helps you write, rewrite, and remix content directly in Smart Builder.

You can sign up free and get started today! See signing up for Smart Copy to learn more.

Check for Formatting Issues & the Page on Other Devices

The landing page may appear ready to publish while in Smart Builder, but be sure to Preview your landing page to see how it would appear once published.

To preview your landing page as-is, toggle the Preview button at the top-right hand corner of Smart Builder.

To double-check how your page appears on mobile and desktop versions, see editing the mobile version of your page in Smart Builder.

Set up your Domain

Finally, connect your landing page to your domain!

Connecting to a custom domain that you own can improve Google's indexing of your landing page, Google Ads ranking, aligns with your brand better, and builds confidence and trust with your page visitors.

You can also enable SSL on your custom domain, reassuring visitors that they're on a private and secure version of your landing page.

See detailed instructions on how to connect your domain to Unbounce with these resources:

Setup and Test Integrations or Unbounce Apps

Connect your landing page to just about any marketing automation or CRM tool with any one of our in-app Integrations.

Or, elevate your page by connecting an Unbounce App to your page directly in Smart Builder.

Unbounce Apps are no-code features that you can input easily on your Smart Builder page in a matter of clicks.

Choose from various features and functionalities to elevate your landing page and help you boost your conversions. Unbounce Apps are available to explore and install on any Smart Builder landing page.

See these categories in our documentation to learn more about Unbounce Apps and Integrations.

Enable Smart Traffic or Conduct an A/B Test

After you've published your page and start receiving some traffic, try enabling Smart Traffic, our AI-powered optimization feature that automatically matches each visitor to the page where they're most likely to convert, helping you reach more conversions over time.  

See the following articles to learn more:  

Or, you can conduct an A/B test.

In A/B testing, you create two variations of the same landing page for a campaign. During the test, you monitor to see which variant (landing page) gains the most conversions; this is a great way to optimize your landing page for your campaign.

Unbounce makes it easy for you to create page variants to assist with your A/B testing needs: