Installing Giphy in Smart Builder


A “Graphics Interchange Format” image - more commonly referred to as a “GIF” - is a great way to enhance your Smart Builder page’s design and add a burst of creativity.

This article will explain how to incorporate different gifs from Giphy - an online library that houses thousands of interactive GIFs -  on your landing page in Smart Builder via the Giphy App.

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Installing the Giphy App

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab on the left-hand side of Smart Builder.
  2. Search and locate the Giphy App.
  3. Click the plus button next to Giphy to install the app.
  4. You may see a dialog box that appears, explaining that you can swap an element on your page with this App:
    A pop-up on top of Smart Builder explaining that this App is swappable.

To learn more about changing elements, see our documentation: Changing Elements on your Smart Builder Page

Adding GIFs to Your Page 

Now that Giphy has been installed, you can begin adding GIFs to your Smart Builder page.

  1. Select an image or an image placeholder, and click the Swap Element icon that appears at the bottom of the element. A window will appear.
  2. Within the Swap Element window, click the dropdown menu. Scroll down the menu and select Giphy from the list.Annotated image showing how to swap in Giphy placeholder in Smart Builder
  3. With Giphy enabled, re-select your image/placeholder.

  4. Giphy will load randomly selected GIFs from its library based on the keyword you’ve selected.Annotated image showing how to search for GIFs using keywords

  5. If you are not happy with your GIF, click Select Random GIF to generate another!
    Take a look at this demo:Gif demonstrating how to randomly generate different Giphy images

Be sure to Save and Publish your page once you're happy with your changes!