Installing the Meta (Previously Facebook) Pixel in Smart Builder


The Meta Pixel (previously known as the Facebook Pixel), an extension of Meta's Business & Ad Manager, can track valuable information about your visitor’s activity on your landing page, such as conversions and page views.

Install the Meta Pixel tracking to your landing page seamlessly with this Unbounce App.

Installing the Facebook Pixel App

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab on the left-hand side of Smart Builder.
  2. Search and locate the Facebook Pixel App.
  3. Click the plus button next to Facebook Pixel to install the app.
  4. Once installed, a blank field will appear; input your unique Facebook Pixel ID:
    Field to input Facebook Pixel tracking ID.
For steps on creating the Meta Pixel, see Meta's documentation: How to Set Up and Install a Meta Pixel.

And that’s it! Be sure to Save and Publish your landing page to finalize these changes.

Event Tracking with the Facebook Pixel (Optional)

Once you've installed your pixel in Smart Builder, you can begin tracking standard events (such as a button or link clicks), with Meta's Event Setup Tool.

This implementation & setup occurs solely in the Meta Ads Manager. See their documentation to learn more: Event Setup Tool.