Understanding Industry Benchmarking


While logged into the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ (CI) Platform, you may notice some nifty icons towards the right-hand side of your landing page:

Annotated screenshot of All Pages screen with Industry Benchmarks higlighted towards right-hand side of page.

These are Industry Benchmarking Insights.

Powered by machine learning, Industry Benchmarking Insights provides you with valuable tips on improving the performance of your pages and helping you increase your conversion rate.

What is Industry Benchmarking?

It can be tricky to gauge what pages are performing well and what pages you can improve on. Industry-based Insights leverages the same data set used to create our Conversion Benchmark Report, to highlight pages with the highest opportunity to improve.

We then compare the conversion rate of your landing page against the median conversion rate for the industry coinciding with the content of your landing page.

Then, these Insights will provide a ranking score: Low, Medium, or High, including suggestions on how to improve the page score.

Ultimately, helping you focus more time on pages that can significantly generate more conversions.

Understanding Industry Benchmarking Insights

This section will cover how to understand and implement the suggestions offered by Industry Benchmarking.

  1. Log into the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform.
  2. From the All Pages screen, locate any pages flagged with the Industry Benchmarking rating scale:
    Annotated image of single landing page highlighted in red box.

Not seeing any Benchmarking Insights for your pages? See the FAQ at the bottom of this article to learn why.

Low, Medium, or High Page Rankings

On the right-hand side of pages flagged with Industry Benchmarking, you’ll notice three color-coded dashes: Low, Medium, or High.

These dashes signal a score or ranking of the page based on

  • The number of conversions the page has generated so far, and
  • The industry that relates to the landing page.
    • Some examples are real estate, catering and restaurants, SaaS, etc.

If you notice that the Insights tagged your landing page with the wrong industry, you can update it by:

  1. Clicking the highlighted industry name next to your landing page. A pop-up will appear.
  2. From the Industry Name drop-down menu, select the industry that applies to your landing page's content and purpose:
    Gif demo of a user clicking the Industry name and selecting a new industry from the drop-down menu that appears.

You may notice that the ranking will change; if not, you can take strides to make these improvements.

Opportunities to Improve

You will want to focus time on improving landing pages with Low or Medium ranks as these Insights provide.

  1. For any landing page listed with a Low or Medium ranking, click the dark blue drop-down arrow next to the rating.
  2. A content box will appear, with details and descriptions on an Opportunity to improve:
    Annotated image highlighting the 'Opportunity to improve'section of the landing page.

Depending on the suggestions, you can make changes to your landing page, such as updating the content, increasing or reducing the word count, etc.

  1. Click the Find out more button from the content box to investigate these suggestions further. Here’s an example:
    • For one of these pages, the suggestion is to reduce the word count.

      After clicking the Find out more button, the page's Page Overview will appear, with more details, such as an average word count for other landing pages relating to this industry:
      A slide-out panel within the Page Overview detailing page improvement opportunities

And that’s it! More personalized opportunities to come in the future as our teams continue to work hard and iterate this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see Benchmarking Insights for my pages. Why is that?

That’s because our machine learning tool needs a bit more time to understand how your pages are performing to offer improvement suggestions.

Here are the following conditions your page will need to meet before you begin to see these Insights:

  1. Your published landing page and variants have been receiving traffic for more than 30 days.
  2. You’ve enabled Unbounce conversion tracking and have received at least one conversion.