Changing Elements in Smart Builder


Want to quickly and seamlessly switch up an element within a section to a different element; for example, swapping a form on your page to an image? Or, switch out an element for an Unbounce App instead? 

With Smart Builder, you can quickly & easily swap elements in or out without changing the existing template; this makes building pages with Smart Builder more flexible.

How to Change Elements

  1. Locate an element that you'd like to change with another element. At this time, you can swap the following elements with one another.
  2. Single-click the element in Smart Builder, and a few control will appear.
  3. Click the Change Element icon:
    Annotated image of a red box around the Swap element icon (two arrows pointing to one another) within a header section in Smart Builder.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear with categorized tabs; each tab includes the different element options: 
    • For example, the Text tab includes different text formats. The Forms tab consists of a form, and the Social Media tab would consist of any social media Unbounce Apps you've downloaded:
      Gif demo of a user swapping an image in Smart Builder to a form instead.

Edit the new element as you like! Be sure to Save and Publish your page when you're all set.

Changing Elements with Unbounce Apps

Unbounce Apps are add-on tools or features you can easily install onto your page in Smart Builder.

Some apps, once downloaded, will be included in the drop-down list of elements you swap out.

For example, after downloading the Giphy App, a prompt appears explaining that you can change any element on your page with a Giphy element instead:

Gif demo of a user installing the Giphy App; a pop up appears with details explaining that this App is swappable.

Look for the Change Element next to an App to detect whether it's swappable with other elements.

See our documentation to learn more about how to search and install an Unbounce App

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of swapping/changing elements on a page, can I delete the element altogether? 

At this time, you can only swap and change elements on a page in Smart Builder - you cannot remove the element from the page altogether.  

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