Adding Stripe Products to Smart Builder


Stripe is a payment processing software that helps you access and conduct payments for both online and in-person payments.

With the Stripe App in Smart Builder, you can guide your visitors to a secure and safe Stripe checkout for purchases promoted by your landing pages, all with a single click.

What You’ll Need:

  1. An active & verified Stripe account (with billing & business details up-to-date).
  2. Owner or administrator user roles within the Stripe account.
    • Only owners and administrators can connect a Stripe account to Connect platforms.
  3. A Smart Builder page connected to an SSL-secure domain (https://).
  4. A product in Stripe.

Adding a Stripe Product

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab on the left-hand side of Smart Builder.
  2. Search and locate the Stripe App.
  3. Click the plus button next to Stripe to install the app.
  4. A window will appear, where you may choose a Stripe section template:
    A pop-up of different Stripe templates to choose from.

  5. Select a section template; click the Add a Stripe Product button to authenticate with Stripe.
  6. Click the Connect button to begin authentication steps:
    Two icons: one of Unbounce and one of Stripe, with a blue 'Connect' button.
  7. Authenticate your Unbounce account by connecting to your account.
    • You may see a prompt to log in if you have not already:
      A list of Stripe accounts to choose from and authenticate with.
  8. Choose a Stripe product you'd like to add to your page. Double-click the item to add it to your page.
  9. The product will appear within the Stripe section template in Smart Builder:
    A Stripe product (Zoom backgrounds that may be purchased for one dollar) within Smart Builder.
    Here, you'll see the product's image, name, description, and price, all pulled from Stripe. 

That's it! Be sure to Save and Publish/Republish your page. 

To learn more about tracking purchases with Stripe as conversions, see our FAQ.

Testing your Stripe Product

  1. Navigate to the live landing page.
  2. Click the buy button associated with the Stripe product.
  3. A new checkout page will appear, where you visitors may input their payment details:
    A Stripe purchase page (fields to enter billing information).

Stripe FAQ

Can a Stripe product track purchases as conversions into Unbounce?

Yes! To set up conversion tracking with your Stripe product,

  1. Navigate to the Stripe section on your landing page in Smart Builder.
  2. Click anywhere in the section; the More button will appear on the bottom left-hand corner.
  3. From the list, toggle the Conversion Tracking button:
    An annotated image of a red box higlighting the radio button titled 'Conversion Tracking'.

So long as you've toggled this button, any time a page visitor completes a payment, the transaction will count as a conversion within the Page Overview. 

How often do I need to connect Stripe to my Unbounce account?

Stripe authorization occurs at the Client-level (i.e., a subaccount). Once authorized, you will not need to re-authorize for other pages under the same Client.

All pages listed within a Client can only select products from the authorized Stripe account.

What if I authorize the wrong Stripe account or need to remove my Stripe account from a Client?

You will need to revoke access to Unbounce directly within the Stripe account from the Authorized Applications page. Doing so revokes the Unbounce authorization to this particular Stripe account for that Client.

This action will remove the Stripe sections on any pages authorized once by this Stripe account.

See Stripe for more information on security and revoking access.

What kind of Stripe products can you display on an Unbounce landing page?

At this time, Unbounce supports standard or package pricing products with either recurring or one-time payment options.

The item must already meet Stripe's minimum and maximum price rules.

Any products that are not available to display on an Unbounce landing page will appear greyed out during the product selection step (step 7 as listed above).