How Do I Upgrade or Cancel My Smart Copy Subscription?


Are you looking to make changes to your Smart Copy subscription or cancel your subscription? This article will help you get started. 

What will I have access to when I upgrade from a free plan (Starter) to a Growth plan?

  • Unlimited copy generations, 
    • As opposed to 5 per day in the Starter plan,
  • Unlimited Profile creation, and 
  • Access to the Writer (Beta) feature
    • Generate and edit long-form content directly in the Smart Copy web app

Upgrading your Smart Copy Subscription

You can upgrade your Smart Copy subscription - from a Starter to a Growth plan - directly in the Smart Copy web app. To upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. In Smart Copy, navigate to the left-hand side menu, and click the Free plan button:

  2. A new page will appear where you may sign up for the Growth plan:

  3. Click the Try it for free for 14 days to start your trial on the Growth plan.
  4. On the next page that appears, fill in your billing information, and click Start trial.

After 14 days, you'll receive an invoice for the Growth plan moving forward.

With the Growth plan, you'll have access to creating unlimited copy, writing content seamlessly with the Writer feature, and more!  

Canceling your Smart Copy Subscription

Canceling your subscription is the same as downgrading to a free (Starter) plan. 

  1. From the Smart Copy app, click the Admin tab within the Nav Bar.
  2. Scroll down to locate Billing.
  3. Click the Billing Settings button. A new page will appear.
  4. Click the Cancel plan button to cancel the active subscription:
    Cancel button within Smart Copy app.

Or, our Support team is available to help cancel your Smart Copy subscription.

You can email directly to get started on the cancellation process or reach out to Support via live chat, or give us a call.

What happens to my account when I can cancel my subscription?

Note that your plan will downgrade to a free plan when you cancel your paid plan.

Canceling will remove all additional Smart Copy Profiles except your first profile created during the sign-up process.

This also means that downgrading will remove any saved copy from previous profiles, so be sure that you no longer need any saved content from earlier profiles.

To view your saved content, navigate to the Saved tab on the left-hand side of the Smart Copy web app