How Do I Use Smart Copy While Building My Unbounce Landing Pages?


Need a boost with updating your revamping some copy or content on your Unbounce landing page?

The best way to use Smart Copy in the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ (CI) platform is through the Smart Copy Chrome extension!

This article will explain how to remix, write, summarize, and expand copy and written content for your landing pages (built with the Classic Builder or Smart Builder) with the Smart Copy Chrome extension.

Step 1: Download the Smart Copy Chrome Extension

You will first need to download and enable the Smart Copy Chrome extension:

Smart Copy - Chrome web store

If you have trouble accessing the extension once installed, try rebooting Google Chrome or double-check that Google Chrome is up-to-date.

For more in-depth steps on the Chrome extension, see our documentation:

Using Smart Copy's Chrome Extension.

Step 2: Update Content with the Smart Copy Chrome Extension

Once you've installed and enabled the extension in your browser, log into the Unbounce CI Platform.

  1. Navigate to the Classic Builder, Smart Builder, or the edit page of your popup, or sticky bar.
  2. Be sure that you've enabled the extension  in your browser:
    Annotated image of Smart Copy Chrome extension within browser highlighted in red box, with purple radio button.
  3. Highlight any piece of text on your page - headings, paragraphs, buttons, and so on. Smart Copy icons will appear beside the text:
    Smart Copy icons in Smart Builder appearing next to text
  4. Click on any Smart Copy icons to update your content:
    • Expand,
    • Summarize ,
    • Remix , or
    • Next .

See Smart Copy Chrome Extension features for more details about each option. 

Here's an example of the Expand feature in Smart Builder:


And that's it! Be sure to Save and Publish your landing page when you're happy with these copy recommendations.