Updating or Adding Projects in Smart Copy


For Smart Copy to generate the most relevant content relating to a topic, you will need to provide the tool with parameters relating to your business needs, brand, target audience, and more.

Though you've already created a project during the sign-up process, you can go back and edit this project.

This article will explain how to set up descriptive projects in Smart Copy to generate relevant content and copy that adheres to your business needs.

What is a Project in Smart Copy?

Smart Copy uses the information you share in your project to generate content relevant to your company, product, or services while matching your brand style and tone. Think of projects as specific profiles in Smart Copy. 

You can change between projects within the Smart Copy prompt page. 

When in a Smart Copy template or while using an Everyday Tool, you'll see a Writing for drop-down menu asking which project you want to use:
'Writing for' field in Smart Copy.

Editing a Project

If you're on an Free plan, you're allocated one project only. On an Essential plan, you can create up to 3 projects. If you're on an Unlimited plan, you can create unlimited projects.

You can update your current project anytime, depending on your copy needs. These steps will explain how to update your existing project.

  1. Select the Settings button from the Smart Copy Nav Bar.
  2. Click Projects at the top of the Settings page.
  3. Here, you'll see your existing projects, including the project you created during sign-up:
    List of Projects in the Settings tab in Smart Copy.
  4. Click the pen icon next to a project to edit it and update the following info:

Project / Product / Service Name: Enter the name of your company or organization for this project.

Description: Describe your company in a sentence or two as you want it described in the copy.

  • For example, if you're generating an ad, consider tailoring the description to the subject of the ad instead of a broad company description; this will help the content be more relevant to the generation.

Audience: Enter keywords that describe the person or group of people the content is intended for. To type in the keyword, press the Enter button on your keyboard. 

  • A combination of generational demographics (Gen Z, marketers, Millenials, accountants, etc.) combined with the subject or intent-based audiences (boat owners, yacht buyers) tends to work well.

To add more to the list, type in the audience type and press Enter on your keyboard. 

Keywords: Descriptive phrases or words that should resonate with the product, feature, or service you're offering. 

To add more to the list, type in the brand keyword and press the Enter button on your keyboard. 

  1. Once you've updated your project, save the project by clicking the disk icon:
    Save Project edits in Smart Copy.

You can continue to use the project for any Smart Copy template. 

Adding a New Project (Essential & Unlimited Plans only)

  1. Select the Settings button from the Smart Copy Nav Bar.
  2. Click Projects at the top of the Settings page.
  3. Click Create New Project:
    Create New Project button.
  4. A new window will appear. 
  5. Enter details relating to the project's Name, Description, Audience, and Keywords:
    Fields to update with details about Project.
  6. Click Create Project to finalize the changes:
    Demo of a user saving the new Project - Project appears in Settings tab.

And that's it; you've created a new project. 

You can continue to use the project with any Smart Copy templates or features. 

To change the project within a template, the Writer feature, or any existing copy, click the Writing for drop-down menu from the Prompt page:

Update project wihtin a Smart Copy template.

Switch between projects while working in Smart Copy to ensure more tailored content depending on your brand, product, or feature.


Prompt page: The page appears after you click on a Smart Copy template or the Remix or Content Expander tool; the Prompt page collects more information about the copy you wish to create, such as description, title, and details, and offers fine-tune suggestions.

Project: The parameters which provide Smart Copy details about your company, brand description, messaging, and more, helping create more tailored content to your business needs.