Working with the Smart Copy Writer Feature



This feature is available on the Essential & Unlimited plans only. To learn about these plan differences, see our Smart Copy FAQ

The Writer feature is the Smart Copy long-form writing canvas with no character limits. It allows you to work on and edit content directly in the application, save it, and return to it at your convenience:

Smart Copy homepage; red box higlighting the 'Writer' tab.

Using the Writer Feature

  1. From the Smart Copy homepage, click Writer from the left-hand side Nav bar.
    • If you do not notice the Writer feature within the Nav Bar, you are most likely on a free plan, as this feature is available on paid plans only. To access the Writer feature, you will need to upgrade your plan.
  2. The Prompt page will appear.
  3. Input the Type of Content and a Topic of what you'd like the content to be about:
    Two text fields: one to input the Type of Content, and another to input the Topic.
  4. Scroll down the page, and update your Profile or profile details:
    Smart Copy Profile section with fields to update your Company, Brand description, keywords, audience, etc
    For more information about Profiles, see our documentation: Updating or Adding Profiles in Smart Copy.

  5. When you've updated the Type of Content, Topic, or Profile, click Write an intro at the top-right hand corner. 
  6. Within just a few seconds, Smart Copy will create a start to your long-form content:
    In this gif, the user clicks the 'Next' button at the bottom of Smart Copy. A gear turns at the top-right, and paragraph suggestions appear on page.
  7. Select which long-form content most corresponds with your message, and click Continue to Writer at the top of the page.
  8. A new page will appear with the writing canvas:
    In this gif, the user selects a paragraph from the list, scrolls down to click the 'Next' button. The user is brought to a writing canvas.

  9. Now, you can edit the content directly in the Smart Copy app within this canvas!

    Make your own changes, or click the Write More button to have Smart Copy create more long-form content for you:
    The user clicks the 'Write' button at the top of the Writer canvas page. Smart Copy generates more content automatically.


Anything you write within the canvas will automatically save within the Saved tab of Smart Copy, so you may return to it at your convenience.

Pro Tip:

The Writer feature has no character limits, making it perfect for long-form content!

And that’s it! To learn more about Smart Copy, check out the following resources:

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