Working with Smart Copy Templates


The Smart Copy web app offers numerous templates and prompts to help you with your professional and personal writing needs.

Once logged in, you can browse through templates that can help you create ads, blog post ideas, landing pages, taglines, mission statements, and more:
Gif demo scrolling through a variety of templates provided in Smart Copy.

Follow these steps to learn more about utilizing templates in Smart Copy.

Choosing a Template

  1. In the Smart Copy web app, click Templates on the left-hand side menu.
  2. Scroll through and select any template from the list. You can also search templates:
    Field to search templates in Smart Copy.
  3. Click on a template to select it. 

Adding Descriptions to a Template

  1. Add details within the Prompt page. 
    • Depending on the template, Smart Copy will ask you to enter a description, title, tone, etc. 
  2. Be sure you're writing in the correct Smart Copy project, which you can change within the Writing for the dropdown menu. 
  3. Click Write For Me and let Smart Copy come up with possible copy suggestions:
    A gif scrolling through available title suggestions for a Facebook post.


If you’re on a Starter Plan, you’ll use a credit anytime you click the Write For Me button within a template. You have 10 credits per week on the Free Plan. To access unlimited credits, you can upgrade to an Essential or Unlimited plan.

You’re all set! To save the content, click the icon. To copy it, the icon, and to share it, the icon:
Copy, save, or share content icons from Smart Copy.

To locate any of the saved content from a template, navigate to the Saved tab on the right-hand side of the Smart Copy Nav Bar.