Understanding the Smart Copy Web App


Once you’ve signed up for Smart Copy, this article will help you understand how to navigate the Smart Copy Web App!

Smart Copy web app with annotated numbers highlighting different sections of the app.

Nav Bar

On the left-hand side of the Smart Copy web app, you’ll find the navigation menu. Use the Nav Bar to jump between sections of the app or access the following features:


Sift through a variety of Templates & copy generation features. See working with Templates to learn more.

Writer (Beta)

The Writer feature is available exclusively on Growth Plans only.

The Writer feature is the Smart Copy long-form writing canvas with no character limits. It allows you to generate and edit content directly in the application, save it, and return it at your convenience.

See working with the Smart Copy Writer feature to learn more about editing content directly in Smart Copy with the Writer feature.


Any time you create content in Smart Copy, you can save it directly in the web app! Access all previously saved content under the Saved tab.

Learn more about saving content within our documentation: Saving, Copying, or Sharing Content.


Redirects to the Unbounce Help Centre and all articles relating to Smart Copy to help you self-support.

Everyday Tools

Navigate to the Everyday Tools section to access all of Smart Copy’s in-app copy generation, remixing, or expanding tools. Or, to help you access the Smart Copy Chrome Extension.

Check out our documentation to learn more about the different tools available in Smart Copy:

Using the Smart Copy Chrome Extension

Smart Copy Content Expander

Smart Copy Remix

Recommended (i.e., Templates)

Check out all the recommended or latest Templates available in the Smart Copy app. Clicking on one will take you directly to the corresponding template page in the Smart Copy app.

See our documentation to learn more about working with Smart Copy Templates

Admin & Logout

Navigate to the Admin tab to change or update account information, such as your name, email address, password, billing, or subscription type. You can also join our affiliate program.

Learn more about upgrading or canceling your Smart Copy subscription here within our documentation: How do I Upgrade or Cancel my Smart Copy Subscription?

Log out of your Smart Copy account by clicking the Logout button at the bottom of the left-hand side of the Nav Bar.

See the following section to learn more about Working in Smart Copy.