Updating Content with Smart Copy


This article will explain the key features of Smart Copy, how to remix, write, and expand copy and written content via the Smart Copy Chrome extension or in the Smart Copy web app.

Smart Copy Chrome Extension (Beta)

The extension helps you write, rewrite, or expand content or copy with a click of a button!

To use the Chrome extension, install it directly from the Chrome web app store. If you have trouble accessing the extension once installed, try rebooting Google Chrome or double-check that Google Chrome is updated. 

You can use the Chrome extension to update copy seamlessly within emails, documents, writing assistant tools, or even in Unbounce while building your landing pages.

Using the Chrome Extension

Once installed and enabled in your Chrome, highlight a snippet of text and apply any of the following copywriting features:

  • The Expand feature automatically generates additional content to expand and lengthen existing content on your page.
  • The Next feature curates the next sentence or phrase following a passage.
  • The Remix feature takes in existing content and completely rewrites it, providing you with new versions of the same content.


Sift through multiple variations of copy suggestions by clicking the Next button.

When you're happy with a copy recommendation, click the text to replace it on your page. Here is an example of the Remix feature in action: 


And that's it! See our documentation to learn more: Smart Copy Chrome extension.

Using Smart Copy in Smart Builder or Classic Unbounce

Enable the Smart Copy Chrome extension to remix & expand copy while building your landing pages in Smart Builder or the Classic Builder. 

Here's an example of the Expand feature in Smart Builder:


Smart Copy Web App

The Smart Copy web app offers numerous templates and prompts to help you with your professional and personal writing needs.

Once logged in to Smart Copy, you can browse through various tools and templates that help you create ads, blog post ideas, landing pages, taglines, mission statements, and more high-converting content:



Select a template, and a Prompt page will appear. Complete the fields within the prompt, as this info will provide Smart Copy the parameters to generate relevant copy relating to your brand, feature, or topic:

Then, click Generate Copy:



If you're part of a Starter Plan, a credit will be used anytime you click the Generate Content button. Sign up for a Growth Plan to access unlimited copy recommendations! See the Smart Copy FAQ to learn more.

Browse from existing templates in Smart Copy and select a copywriting option that works best for your professional or personal writing needs.

Smart Copy Writer Feature (Beta)

This feature is available on Growth Plans only. See more here: Smart Copy Pricing

The Writer feature is the Smart Copy long-form writing canvas with no character limits. It allows you to work on and edit content directly in the application, save it, and return to it at your convenience.

Select a content type, provide details about the topic, and the AI-powered generator will provide you with some written copy to help you get started:


Save your work directly in the web app and return to it at your convenience.

And that's it! To learn more about Smart Copy, check out the following resources:


Learn the Smart Copy web app

Smart Copy FAQ