Smart Copy FAQ


This article will answer frequently asked questions about Smart Copy.

Is Smart Copy part of a current Unbounce subscription?

No; while both Smart Builder + and Smart Copy are part of Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence ™ Platform, they require separate subscription plans as they are separate products.

Smart Copy has two different tiers available based on your needs.

Starter  Growth
$0 $49/ month or $300/year
🚫 Credit Card ✅ Credit Card
✅ Free trial (14 days) ✅ Free trial 
  • Up to 5 Generations per day using credits
  • 1 Profile
  • Unlimited access (length-wise)
  • Unlimited Generations per day
  • Unlimited Profiles


To upgrade, see the following article: How Do I Upgrade or Cancel My Smart Copy Subscription?

We will continue to improve the experience of accessing Unbounce products in the future.


How do I sign up for Smart Copy?

See our documentation for more insight: Signing up & Logging in: Getting Started with Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence™ Platform.


What is a Profile? How many Profiles can I create in Smart Copy? 

A Profile provides Smart Copy with insight into your company and other related information to your brand (such as your target audience or brand messaging).

Creating your Profile during the signup stage allows Smart Copy to better tailor content for your writing needs.

If you’re on a Starter plan, you are allocated 1 profile only. With the Growth Plan, you can create an unlimited number of profiles.

See our documentation to learn more about updating and adding new profiles in Smart Copy.

What are credits in Smart Copy?

With a Smart Copy Starter Plan ($0/month), you will have access to 5 credits per day to generate content.

You’ll use a credit when clicking the Write More button to expand, remix, or write content.


If you’d like to access unlimited credits, you can upgrade to a Smart Copy Growth Plan ($49/month).


What is the difference between Smart Copy, and Copy Insights found in Smart Builder?

Functioning with the same technology, Copy Insights, powered by Smart Copy, is an AI-powered tool that provides high-converting copy recommendations in Smart Builder.

For now, Copy Insights is available in Smart Builder and provides headline recommendations alone. Paragraph and full-page copy recommendations coming soon.

Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that writes professional copy. Generate copy in-app or via the Chrome extension and use it in the Smart Builder or anywhere else you need it.

Pro Tip:

Pro-Tip: Use Smart Copy's Chrome Extension to create, remix, and expand copy in any platform e.g., Smart Builder, Facebook, Gmail, Shopify, at no added cost.


What languages does Smart Copy copy creation support?

Currently, Smart Copy can remix, rewrite, and provide copy suggestions in over 30+ languages.


Can I use Smart Copy’s Google Chrome Extension in Unbounce?

With any Smart Copy subscription, you can download the Smart Copy Chrome extension at no added cost.

The Smart Copy Chrome extension allows you to remix, rewrite and expand copy in any Unbounce landing page builder (Smart Builder and Classic Builder).


How do I upgrade my Smart Copy subscription from a Starter Plan to a Growth Plan?

See our documentation for steps on upgrading your Smart Copy subscription


If you're upgrading from a Starter Plan to a Growth plan, you will be charged right away. The 14-day trial does not apply in this case.  

In Smart Copy, navigate to the left-hand side menu, and click the Free Plan button:


A new page will appear where you may sign up for the Growth Plan:



Does Smart Copy have an open API?

At this time, there is no open API with Smart Copy.


Can I only use Smart Copy in Unbounce?

Since Smart Copy is a separate product offering of Unbounce, you can use its features outside of Unbounce as well, for any writing or content-related work, such as writing emails, blogs, social media posts, etc.

The Smart Copy web app offers multiple templates and tools to help you generate copy or remix, or revamp existing copy. You can also download the Chrome extension. For more details, see the following articles:

How Do I Use Smart Copy in Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence™ Platform?

Applying Smart Copy Everyday Tools


I had a free account with Smart Copy before, and I’m having trouble logging in now - can you help?

Password managers in your browser may autofill with credentials prior to the release of Smart Copy. The fix? Reset your password and follow the email instructions to reset your login credentials.