What is Smart Copy?


Introducing a new and quicker way to produce copy for all your professional and personal writing needs! Smart Copy is the free Unbounce AI copywriting assistant that writes, remixes, and expands content for over 30 use cases almost instantly—personalized to meet your audience and brand needs.

This article will explain what Smart Copy is, how it works, and how to sign up and log in.

How does Smart Copy work?

Backed by GPT-3 technology, Smart Copy will take the text you input and provide options to kickstart your copy creation. Revamp texts, generate follow-up sentences, or expand the copy you’ve written; let Smart Copy help you create copy seamlessly and effortlessly.

Signing up for Smart Copy

You can sign up for Smart Copy for free today (no plan or credit card required)!

If you'd like access to more of Smart Copy's features, you can sign up for a paid plan

Follow these steps to sign-up for Smart Copy.

  1. Choose a Smart Copy plan and select the button at the bottom of the plan to sign up. 
  2. Enter in your sign-up credentials, including your first name, company name, email address, plan type, and password:
  3. Click the Next button; a new page will appear with steps to verify your email address:
  4. Copy the 6-digit code from the verification email in your email inbox.
  5. Paste code into the verification page, and select Verify Code.
  6. Back in Smart Copy, a new page will appear that will ask for information relating to your business:

    This is a crucial step in your copy journey! This is the Project (similar to a profile) that determines the content Smart Copy will create. If you’re on a Free plan, you’re allocated only one project only.

    Be mindful of the word, phrases, or keywords you choose during this step; the information you input during this step provides the AI with all the necessary parameters for your Smart Copy project. You can also change your project later: Updating or Adding Projects in Smart Copy.

  7. Click the Finish button when you’re done; the Smart Copy homepage will appear with available tools and templates to get started!

Logging in and Using Smart Copy

You can access Smart Copy from the Unbounce app (app.unbounce.com/ai-copy), Smart Copy web app (copy.unbounce.com), or the desktop app. 

Unbounce App

  1. Log into Unbounce
  2. Click the AI copywriting button on the left-hand side menu:
    Gif demo acessing Smart Copy in Unbounce app.

  3. Smart Copy platform will appear directly in Unbounce.

Smart Copy Web App

  1. From the Conversion Intelligence ™ Platform login page, select Smart Copy.
  2. Log in with your credentials; the Smart Copy web app will appear. 

Desktop App

To use the desktop app, you'll first need to download Smart Copy into your operating system. 

  1. Navgiate to the Tools page in the Smart Copy web app.
  2. Locate the Desktop App box, and click Download Now.
  3. The Desktop App will automatically begin to download in your operating system.
    • If you have any firewalls or data security systems installed in your hardware, you may run into privacy errors. Please ask that your IT team help support you if you have trouble downloading the App.  
  4. From the Downloads section on your machine, double-click the Smart Copy package.\
    1. See Downloading the Smart Copy Chrome Desktop App for download steps depending on your operating system. 
  5. Launch the desktop app and log in as usual.

You’re all set - you’ve signed up for Smart Copy! Want to learn more about the different copywriting tools and templates and how to use Smart Copy? See Working in Smart Copy to learn more. 


Copy: Written copy, sometimes called professional copy, is the chosen text (for example, headings & paragraphs) on your landing page that coincides with your page purpose, branding, objectives, and more.

Smart Copy: AI-powered copywriting assistant that helps you write professional messaging for your audience.

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