Does Smart Builder Fit My Current Business Needs?


Smart Builder’s guided landing page experience can help you create beautifully-designed, high-converting landing pages faster.

That said, depending on your landing page’s purpose or business goals, we recognize that you may require specific features still pending for Smart Builder.

Here’s a checklist (and FAQ) to go through before getting started with building a page in Smart Builder.

Smart Builder Checklist

Will I need to embed Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or other tracking scripts onto my Smart Builder page?

Some reporting tools are available directly within Smart Builder via Unbounce Apps!

See Installing the Facebook Pixel in Smart Builder or Connecting Google Analytics in Smart Builder to learn more. Stay tuned for our teams to release more Reporting Apps in the coming while.  

To install other tracking scripts on your Smart Builder pages, you will need to use Script Manager.

What is Script Manager?

Unbounce’s Script Manager works by applying a custom script or snippet of code across all pages connected to a particular domain. With Script Manager, you can apply scripts globally across all landing pages.

For more information on embedding scripts in Script Manager for Smart Builder pages, see our documentation: How Can I Add Custom Scripts onto my Smart Builder Page?

How would I add Popups/Sticky Bars on my Smart Builder Page?

Like embedding tracking scripts, you will need to install the custom embed code of your popup or sticky bar via Script Manager.

Installing the embed code in Script Manager would mean that the popup/ sticky bar embed code will appear on all pages across a particular domain, not just the page built with Smart Builder.

Will I need to download or upload my page built with Smart Builder at any point?

Currently, uploading and downloading pages is possible with our Classic Builder only - downloading & uploading pages into Smart Builder is not possible at this time.

Will I need to transfer or change my Classic Unbounce page to a Smart Builder page, or vice versa?

Our Classic Builder provides you with the flexibility of drag-and-drop page elements, while Smart Builder utilizes custom/tailored templates to create high-converting templates.

Once you’ve created a page in Smart Builder, it can and only will remain a page that you can later edit in Smart Builder.

If you’ve created a page with the Classic Builder, it will stay as a page that can be later be edited in the Classic Builder only.

Can I conduct an A/B test or Smart Traffic test with Smart Builder?

Yes! You can duplicate an existing variant and begin your Smart Traffic or A/B test, similar to our classic Builder.

As we are constantly aiming to improve Smart Builder over the next few months, we’re in and will continue to be in a state of improvement, iteration, and development for the foreseeable future.

Do check back over the coming while to see how the plan to continuously improve Smart Builder, as some features that may not be available now, could be in the future.

To get started on building your page in Smart Builder, here are some resources:

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