Updating your Page with Copy Insights


What is Copy Insights, you ask? Well, Copy Insights will provide high-converting copy recommendations when editing your page headings in Smart Builder.

You can then select the highest-converting copy, or an alternate one if that aligns with your landing page message, tone, or need.

This article will explain and provide steps on how to apply recommendations from Copy Insights in Smart Builder.


At this time, Copy Insights can provide copy recommendations for page headings in Hero sections only.

How does Copy Insights Work? 

The Copy Insights tab will blink green if Smart Builder identifies an opportunity to improve some copy on your landing page. Once you’ve updated the text on your page, Copy Insights will do some work in the background to analyze over eleven years of conversion data, and provide you with copy rewrite recommendations to apply directly onto your landing page.

Using Copy Insights

  1. Log in to Unbounce and launch your landing page in Smart Builder.
  2. Navigate to the Copy Insights icon within the Smart Builder header.
  3. If the Copy Insights tab is flashing green, that means there is an opportunity to update your page headers with recommendations:

  4. Get started by clicking the Copy Insights tab. A small window will appear on top of your landing page to Enter copy to get recommendations.
  5. Type-in your headline text:

    Remember: Copy Insights will provide you with copy recommendations depending on what you type in during this step.
  6. When you’ve updated the copy, click the Generate Recommendations button.
  7. Wait for the suggestions to generate, and choose from the list of available copy suggestions:

  8. Once you've selected the recommendation, click Apply to input the copy change onto your landing page.

Click the blue Save button at the top-right-hand corner of Smart Builder to save your page and these changes.

Understanding Copy Insights


Green impact Meter: this meter indicates the predicted effect on your conversion rate if you chose that headline option; the more green bars, the more confidence.

Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down: share your feedback on how accurate the suggestions are by providing a thumbs up (accurate) or thumbs down (not accurate) rating.


Copy: Written copy, sometimes referred to as marketing copy, is the chosen text (for example, headings & paragraphs) on your landing page that coincides with your page purpose, branding, objectives, and more.

Copy Insights: Copy optimization for landing page headlines; an AI-powered tool that will provide recommendations on higher converting copy when editing in Smart Builder.