What is Smart Builder (Beta) ?


Exciting news! A new way to build your highest-converting pages, without the need for a developer or designer, is here.

Smart Builder is the only landing page-building experience, powered by conversion intelligence: optimizing your pages based on your campaign needs before even launching. Create beautifully designed landing pages that exceed industry standards, designed with more conversions in mind.

Why Have We Created a New Builder?

We recognize how tricky it can be to design high-converting landing pages without the help of a designer or developer. So, we’ve created an entirely new way to build landing pages, fueled by conversion intelligence, helping small businesses to grow smarter effectively.

Powered by 1.5 billion conversions, Smart Builder takes the guesswork out of landing page creation, with personalized layouts and insights to support your marketing team—even if that marketing team is just you.

Ready to get started with Smart Builder? Visit our Smart Builder category, or check out these articles: 

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