Editing Text in Smart Builder


You can easily update copy and content on your landing page, and apply in-line links, styling, and more features directly within the page level (without changing the styling across your entire page).

This article will describe the following:

  1. Updating Text in Smart Builder
  2. Formatting Paragraphs
  3. Updating Text Styles within a Section
  4. Adding Links to Text 
  5. Updating Link States
  6. Removing Underlines from Text Links

Updating Text in Smart Builder

  1. Locate the heading, paragraph, or button for which you’d like to update the text.
  2. Click the text and begin typing to update the content:double-clicking-text-and-updating-content
  3. Click outside of the text box to edit it, or press the tab button on your keyboard.

To undo any changes, click the undo button at the top-right-hand corner of the Smart Builder, or hold down Command + Z (Mac device) or Control + Z (Windows device) on your keyboard.

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Formatting Paragraphs

You can apply additional formatting to paragraphs, such as italicizing or bolding text, applying underline and strikethrough formats, or adding bulleted or numbered lists:

These formatting options are available for paragraphs only.

Editing Text Styles & Designs

Typography refers to text formatting, such as the font family, font size, color, and more!

Using the Design Settings , you can update the typography for a particular section without changing the typography of other sections on your page.

  1. Navigate to the heading, paragraph, or button on your page, and click the text.
  2. Select the pen icon to launch the Design Settings .
  3. Update the typography or styling for that specific section only:
    These settings include,
    • Font family, weight, size,
    • Line height,
    • Letter space, and
    • Text color.
  4. Click the close icon at the top corner of the Design Settings to finalize these changes.

To update typography across the entire page, such as font colors & styles, see Updating Typography Across Entire Page.

Adding Links to Text 

  1. Double-click or highlight the text in Smart Builder to toggle additional formatting and styling options.
  2. Select the link icon, and a new window will appear.
  3. Type or paste in the URL of the web page you wish to hyperlink to in the blank URL field:
  4. Click the close icon to update the text with this link. 

Updating Link States

Links states are the design states that let your visitor know how they've interacted with the link. For example, hovering over the link may change its color to blue, while an active link (when clicked) changes its color to red. 

Here are the different link states available in Smart Builder:

  • Regular: how the link appears on the landing page as-is; this is how the link appears without clicking or hovering over it. 
  • Hover: how the link appears when you place your mouse over the link.
  • Active: how the link appears once a visitor clicks the link. 

 You can update link states from the Style Guide style-guide-icon.

  1. Navigate to the Style Guide style-guide-icon at the top-left-hand corner of Smart Builder, and scroll down to the Link tab.
  2. Choose a state at the top Link tab (Regular, Hover, or Active). 
  3. Update text color, background color, padding, or border depending on the link state: 
    Annotated screenshot of hover states highlighted in Smart Builder.
  4. Close the Style Guide style-guide-icon to finalize the changes. 

To test the different link states, move your mouse over the text link while in Smart Builder:
Gif demo of a user changing the link states and hovering over the text.

Removing Underlines from Text Links

  1. Navigate back to the Style Guide and scroll down to the Link tab.
  2. Scroll down & locate the Text Decoration subheading.
  3. Untick the box Underline to remove underline formatting from text links:

Remember to Save and Publish your page when you’re happy with these changes!

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