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Consider Smart Builder your developer, designer, copywriter and conversion rate expert. Powered by 1.5 billion conversions, Smart Builder helps you confidently and quickly create pre-optimized landing pages that are tailored to your industry, audience, and campaign goals.

Our Design Assistant helps you create a landing page effortlessly, by recommending high-converting components & page layouts specific to your industry, audience, page purpose, and goals.

Along with this guided experience, let Smart Builder handle your copywriting needs with our Copy Assistant, your built-in wordsmith that helps you generate high-converting copy based on your audience, industry, and conversion goals, with just a few lines of text.

This article will explain each step when creating your page with Smart Builder:

  1. Setup
  2. Design
  3. Adding Copy, and
  4. Editing

Creating a Page with Smart Builder

  1. Log into the Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform.
  2. Click the Create New button on the top-right corner to create a new landing page. 
  3. Choose the option to create a page with Smart Builder:


Smart Builder is available on all current pricing plans. If your current plan is a legacy plan, such as Essential, Premium, Starter, and so on, you will need to upgrade to access Smart Builder.

  1. The next page to appear is the start of the Design Assistant, a two-step process that curates high-converting page components & layouts based on your landing page's purpose. 


  1. Within the Setup page, fill in all required fields that correspond to your landing page's purpose and industry type, such as:  
    • Your company/project name
    • The industry of your company/project
    • The purpose of this landing page
    • Whether you’d like to include a form
    • Your page name:

The Design Assistant will curate page layouts and sections tailored to your specific needs and business goals based on the information in the Setup step.

  1. Head over to the next step by clicking the blue Next: Style this page button.


Next, choose different themes and layouts from the Design page.

Each recommendation is carefully crafted and based on the information of your page as shared in Step 1, to best fit your landing page's purpose.

  1. From the Page Style Guide, choose either a Suggested or Custom layout to apply onto your landing page: 

The Suggested layouts are based on the industry, page purpose, and additional page details selected during the Setup step:


Or, you can also create your own custom page style and layout by clicking the Custom tab:

Custom layouts allow you to update the typography, font family, and color for your page Headings & Paragraphs, change the background color of your page, edit button styles, and so on.

Do note that you can update the page typography (fonts, font family, text size), page sections, and background colors in later steps when editing your page, but the chosen industry and purpose will remain. 

  1. Click the Create Copy button at the bottom-left-hand corner of the Smart Builder to save these Design changes and begin adding copy to your page.

Adding Copy

After the Design step, the next step is the Copy Assistant. 

What is the Copy Assistant? It's Unbounce's built-in wordsmith that will generate high-converting copy - for your entire landing page - catered to your audience, industry, and conversion goals. 

To demonstrate this in action, the example provided below is a landing page for an eCommerce store.

  1. To start, input a description of your company:
    Annnotated image of red box around the Company Description section on left-hand side of Smart Builder
  2. Once you’ve added the description, click the Generate Copy button on the left-hand side.
  3. The Copy Assistant will curate relevant and insightful copy for your landing page’s headings and paragraphs:
    Gif demo of user clicking the 'Generate Copy' button.

This is one of the three options the Copy Assistant can provide you.

You can apply this option to your page and start editing, or you can view more suggestions and enhance the current copy:
Annotated image of Enhanced Copy section of the Copy Assistant.

To view more suggestions, you’ll need to provide the Copy Assistant with a little more details about your brand and purpose.

  1. For more suggestions, toggle the Enhanced Copy button on the left-hand side.
  2. Enter the following
    • Brand Descriptions
    • Target Audience
    • Your product feature
    • Your product benefits:
      Ehnaced Copy fields
  3. Click Generate More Copy.
  4. A second-page copy option will appear:
    Gif demo of more Copy suggestions appearing on page.
  5. You can click the Generate More Copy a third time, giving you a total of three copy suggestions for your pages.
    Note: at this time, three is the maximum. 
  6. Select one of the three copy recommendation options, and click Choose This Option to apply it to your page:
    Annotated image of the three different copy options and the 'Choose This Option' button at the bottom of Smart Builder.

Do note that applying the Copy Assistant during the setup will mean that Copy Insights will be unavailable when editing your page later.

Editing your Page

Now that you've created your landing page with Smart Builder, you can start editing your page! See our documentation for an Overview of Smart Builder to get started.

You can always add sections later when you’re editing your landing page. Learn more about page sections in the Smart Builder within our documentation here: Working with Section Templates.


Copy Assistant: Copy Assistant is your in-house wordsmith. Generate high converting copy based on your audience, industry, and conversion goals for your entire landing page, all after just a few lines of text.

Design Assistant: Provides you with recommended layouts and page sections based on your industry, audience, page purpose, and goals to maximize more conversions.

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