How to Integrate with a Pardot Form Handler


Would you like to capture your new Unbounce leads in Pardot? Great! You can follow the instructions in this article to integrate with a Pardot Form Handler.

What you will need:

  • Access to Pardot Form Handler
  • A lead-gen landing page
  • A success landing page

Creating your Pardot Form Handler

To find your Form Handlers, navigate through Pardot's menus in following order:

  1. Marketing
  2. Forms
  3. Form Handlers


Follow these instructions to create your Form Handler. In your Success Location drop down, make sure to select "Specific URL". We'll need this for later.

Finding your Endpoint URL

  1. In Pardot, navigate to your Form Handler.
  2. Copy the Endpoint URL. This will be used back in Unbounce to connect to your Form Handler.pardot-endpoint-url.png

Integrate your Unbounce form with Pardot Form Handler

  1. Back in Unbounce, head over to the landing page where you’d like to add your Form Handler.
  2. Within the builder, click on your form, and navigate to the Form Confirmation section within the Properties tab. 
  3. From the Confirmation drop-down menu, select Post form data to URL.paste-pardot-endpoint-url-in-unbounce.png
  4. Paste in your Endpoint URL in the URL field. You do not need to append form data to the URL.
  5. Set the Target to either Same Tab or Window (recommended), or Parent frame.

Creating your success page

In Unbounce, you will need to create a success page to redirect your leads to after they submit your form. This page will just be confirming that their form has been submitted, so feel free to keep it simple! Once you've created your success page in Unbounce, publish it and copy the page URL to paste back into Pardot.

Setting up your success page redirect

  1. Now back in Pardot, you will want to edit your Form Handler.
  2. In the Success Location dropdown, select Specific URL and paste in the URL of your success page. paste-in-unbounce-success-page-in-pardot.png

Make sure to save your changes and you should be good to go!

Now, when new leads submit your form, Unbounce will send their submission to your Pardot Form Handler, and your Leads will end up on your success page. 


Success Page: A thank-you page created in Unbounce that leads will be directed to after submitting a form on your Landing Page that is integrated with Pardot Form Handler.

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