Tracking Shopify Purchases as Conversions in Unbounce


If you’d like to track purchases made in your Shopify store as conversions in Unbounce, this is the doc for you!

This doc will explain how to use Unbounce’s External Conversion Tracking script to track purchases as conversions in Unbounce.

What You'll Need:

Setting up External Conversion Tracking in Shopify

  1. Log in to your Shopify account.
  2. Navigate to the Settings page.
  3. From your Settings page, navigate to the Checkout and accounts tab
    Annotated image of Shopify Settings page, with the Checkout tab highlighted.
  4. Scroll down the Checkout page, till you reach the Order status page subheading. Locate the Additional Script box. 
  5. Paste in the following External Conversion Tracking script:

On line 2, replace ‘PAGE-DOMAIN-ON-UNBOUNCE’ with your custom root domain. For example, if your landing page lives on ‘’, update the script to ‘’.
  1. Click the Save button in Shopify.

You’re all set! Once users land on the Confirmation/Order Status page in Shopify, Unbounce will track the conversion.

External conversion tracking functionality in Unbounce & Shopify (how it works)

This script will look for the presence of a specific conversion tracking cookie.

Once the Order Status page (i.e., your checkout confirmation page) from Shopify loads, the tracking beacon will make a request back to Unbounce’s servers. The result is that the conversion count in the corresponding Page Overview will increment by 1.

Check out our documentation for more information on External Conversion Tracking


For example, if your Unbounce landing page URL is, then your Shopify confirmation page must exist on the same root domain, such as The root domains for the Shopify Order Confirmation page and the Unbounce page must match in order for this external conversion tracking script to work.