What are Best Practices for Landing Page Layout and Sizing?


Are you having issues with the width of your landing page? Grey space questions? Need to know where best to put your CTA? This FAQ should help you with all you need to know on best practices for the layout of your landing page. 


What’s the Recommended Page Width for Unbounce Landing Pages? 

We recommend sticking with 940 -- 960 pixels, which should work for the majority of different screen sizes. 

This should solve any issues with side scrolling on landing pages due to setting too large of a page width. 


Is there a Recommended Page Length? 

There is no Unbounce recommended page length. However, remember that you want to avoid putting too much content on your landing page, to avoid losing the attention of your visitors. 


My Page is Too Short and I’m Getting Grey Space! How Do I Fix This?

Are you currently testing your page on a large monitor? No need to worry! The grey bar will appear only in cases where the monitor size is disproportionate to the page, which is usually not the normal viewing case for your landing page visitors.

Your page will appear as normal when viewing from a 13 inch laptop or smaller. 

Your Landing Page Analyzer is Telling Me that My CTA Isn’t Above the Fold. What Does that Mean?

Your CTA (Call to Action) is the most compelling part of your page - and the one that you want your visitors to interact with! Research has proven that a majority of visitors won’t scroll down so you have to catch their attention quickly ‘above the fold’ -- or the area when scrolling will be required. 

You may want to move your CTA button or link higher onto the first section of your landing page to get better impact and better conversions. 


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