What Happens if I Exceed My Traffic/Conversion Limit on My Plan?


Unbounce pricing plans include generous pools of traffic and conversions. But what happens if you exceed what’s included in your plan?

Your content will continue to function as normal if you exceed your included traffic or conversion amounts.

Along the way, you’ll receive notifications at 80% and 95% usage.

At 100%, the Unbounce system will upgrade your plan for your next billing date to provide an increased limit. No action is needed on your end!

For example, say you’re currently on the Optimize plan and have an outstanding month. All your campaigns go amazingly well, and you receive 1200 leads over the course of the month, exceeding the 1000 included with Optimize. All 1200 leads will appear in app right away, and on your next bill we’ll upgrade you to the Accelerate plan. Not only will you receive that extra headroom for volume, but you’ll also have access to the additional features on your new plan!