What Happens if I Exceed My Traffic/Conversion Limit on My Plan?



As of February 1st, 2024, all Unbounce current-market plans offer unlimited conversions. This document is relevant for all 2020 and 2024 plans. If you are on a 2020 plan and would like access to unlimited conversions, please reach out to our Support Team to discuss upgrading to one of our 2024 plans.

Unbounce pricing plans include generous pools of traffic and conversions. Every month, you have a set number of conversions & traffic volumes with your Unbounce subscription plan. But what happens if you exceed your monthly plan allocations?

If you exceed traffic or conversion allocations on your plan, your pages will continue to function as expected. You'll receive email notifications when you exceed 85% and 100% traffic or conversion allocations. 

At 85% usage, you have the following option(s):

  1. To keep your account as-is, primarily if you don't anticipate exceeding traffic or conversion allocations again,
  2. Upgrade to a higher-tier plan that better fits your traffic or conversion needs.
    • If you're on a Concierge or Accelerate plan, a member of our sales team will contact you.

At 100% usage, i.e., if you go over the current plan allocations, some action is required. You have the following option(s):

  1. Upgrade to a higher-tier plan.
    • If you're on a Concierge or Accelerate plan, a member of our sales team will contact you.
  2. If you choose not to upgrade, then you will be charged a one-time fee for the difference between your existing plan and the higher plan you fit into.

Please respond to the email with your preferred next steps, and our Support team will be happy to help with next steps. 

For example, say you're on an Optimize plan and have a fantastic month with high page traffic and conversions. You receive 1200 leads over the month, exceeding the 1000 conversion allocations for the Optimize plan.

All 1200 leads will appear in-app immediately, as Unbounce will not disrupt service to your page. However, you'll receive an email with an option to upgrade to an Accelerate plan on your next invoice, or a pay one-time fee for the difference between your existing plan and the higher plan you fit into. Our Support team will help calculate this charge for you. 

Please take a look at our pricing page for a breakdown of the different plan options here at Unbounce.

Is this conversion & traffic allocation per account, client, or page?

Unbounce designates the conversion and traffic allocations per account. 

For example, if you're an Optimize plan, with 10 pages, and 3 Clients, you are allocated 30,000 unique visitors & 1000 conversions for all the 10 pages within the 3 Client sub-folders. 

What happens when I exceed my traffic/conversion allocations for the Accelerate plan?

We're happy to hear that your landing pages are a success!

If you exceed the traffic or conversion allocations for your Accelerate plan (2500 conversions or 50,000 visitors), one of our team members will reach out to you with suggested plan options moving forward. 

Looking to chat with a member of our team directly? Do reach out to our Activation teams by emailing sales@unbounce.com.  

Do traffic & conversion allocations apply to popups/sticky bars as well?

Yes, traffic or conversions from your popups and sticky bars will count toward your total monthly allocations.

I'm looking to switch to a different subscription plan and need some support.

It can be tricky deciding on which plan and plan feature best suits your business needs.

If you're unsure which subscription plan works best for you or anticipate more traffic or conversions coming your way and would like to upgrade to another plan, do reach out to our lovely Support team, and they'll be happy to help point you in the right direction.