What Happens if I Exceed My Traffic/Conversion Limit on My Plan?


Unbounce pricing plans include generous pools of traffic and conversions. Every month, you have a set number of conversions & traffic volumes with your Unbounce subscription plan. But what happens if you exceed your monthly plan allocations?

If you exceed traffic or conversion allocations on your plan, your pages will continue to function as expected, and your plan will automatically upgrade on your next billing cycle.

You'll receive notifications at 80% and 95% usage of traffic or conversions. At 100% usage (e.g., if you go over the current plan allocations), the Unbounce system will automatically upgrade your plan for your next billing date, meaning you will receive extra bandwidth for traffic & conversions.

Rest assured, if you max out your plan allocations mid-month, you will see an automatic upgrade on your account on your next invoice. No further action is required on your end!

For example, say you're currently on the Optimize plan and have and you have an awesome month. You receive 1200 leads over the month, exceeding the 1000 conversion allocations with Optimize plan.

All 1200 leads will appear in-app right away, as Unbounce will not disrupt service to your page (you can continue collecting leads and traffic as usual). Then, we'll upgrade you to the Accelerate plan on your next invoice. On this new Accelerate plan, you will have access to 2500 conversions, as well as access to the additional features.

Here is a quick breakdown of the different plan options and what each offer:

Plan Name




Monthly Conversions




Monthly Traffic




Number of Domains




Annual Subscription (billed annually - save 10%)  

$81/month (USD)

$122/month (USD)

$203/month (USD)

Monthly Subscription

$90/month (USD)

$135/month (USD)

$225/month (USD)


Looking to Switch to a Different Subscription Plan?

It can be tricky deciding on which plan and plan feature best suit your business needs.

If you're unsure which subscription plan works best for you, or anticipate more traffic or conversions coming your way and would like to upgrade to another plan, do reach out to our lovely Support team, and they'll be happy to help point you in the right direction.