Why Are Links on My Landing Page Wrapped in clkn/clkg?


Q: I noticed that there are some extra characters in all the links on my landing page. It's showing “clkn” and “clkg”. What's that all about?


A: The clkn and clkg are called link wrappers and are added to any outbound links on your Unbounce Landing page by default. 

These wrappers allow our platform to track link clicks on the page for basic conversion tracking: 

How the wrappers are assigned to your links are determined as follows:

  • clkg is added when the link is being tracked as a conversion goal.
  • clkn is added when the link is not being tracked as a conversion goal.

Q: Will these clkn/clkg wrappers affect the way search engines index my page? 

A: The links on your landing page that are wrapped by clkn/clkg wrappers might result in search engines thinking that your links are broken. As a consequence, search engines may choose to not index the page.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, Unbounce automatically includes a robots.txt file on all non-Wordpress landing pages. A robot.txt file is a text file that tells web robots from search engines which pages on your site to crawl and not to crawl. 

Your Unbounce robot.txt file will look something like this:


In our robots.txt file, we added a rule to tell search engines not to crawl the links on your page, which prevents these links from appearing in search results. 

Q: Why am I getting a warning from Google Search Console?

A: Because our robot.txt applied to your page, Google Search Console might give you the following warning: 


This warning “Indexed, though blocked by robot.txt” simply means our robot.txt file is preventing outgoing links on the landing page from being crawled by Google. The rest of your page, however, is being indexed normally.

If you notice this error, do try and resubmit your URL to Google's Search Console for reindexing.