Can You Tell Me More about Viewer Access on User Roles?


Adding a user with viewer access allows you to give your clients visibility into the landing pages you’ve created for their campaigns. Here is a bit of clarification on what exactly your new user will have access to on your account!

Q: Will adding a User as a viewer mean they can see all of my pages? 

A: The viewer you invite into your account only has access to the client (sub-account) you've invited them to. The viewer is a client-level user, which means they can only see all pages within that client (sub-account). The viewer will not be able to see anything outside of that client.


For example, if you add a viewer to your Wong Agency client, the viewer will only be able to see pages within this client. They will not have access to any other clients on your clients list.

Viewer roles are typically saved for administrators or salespeople who are part of your team but are not necessarily involved in the page creation process. Agencies will sometimes invite their clients into their sub-account as viewers so they can review the page performance in-app. 

To know more about user role permissions, you can take a look here.

Q: Can I grant view access to a single page within a client?

A: Unfortunately, Unbounce currently doesn't have the option to grant view access to an individual page.

As a workaround, Optimize and up plan users can create a new client, and transfer only the individual page to that client account. They can then invite their viewers to that client account. This will grant the viewers access only to that one page on that one client, without being able to access any of the other content on the account. 

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