Using the Unbounce Lookup Chrome Extension


Unbounce Power User (definition) - someone that makes or manages a lot of landing pages.

The Unbounce Lookup Chrome Extension is a handy tool that can really improve time optimization for Unbounce Power Users who make or manage a lot of landing pages within the Builder. 

What You’ll Need: 


What Does It Do? 

The Unbounce Lookup Chrome Extension will detect any Unbounce page, Popup, or Sticky Bar and allow you quick access to details, stats, & debug information without leaving your page.

The browser extension will turn blue when you’re on an Unbounce page, Popup, or Sticky Bar. If they belong to you, clicking on the icon will reveal details, stats, and debug information, as well as a direct link to the page overview and edit screens in the app.


Why Should I Use It?

With the Unbounce Lookup Extension, you can refer to page details such as variant, last published, etc without having to go into the builder and enter each page manually. You will not only see the variant, but also any popups/sticky bars that are currently embedded on the landing page that you have loaded on chrome. 


How Do I Use It?

  1. Download the extension and install it on your chrome browser. 
  2. Go to the URL for your Unbounce landing page. 
  3. Your Unbounce Lookup Icon will be in the top right corner of your screen. 
  4. If the Unbounce Icon turns blue, it’s a valid Unbounce landing page that you have permission to edit. 
  5. Click on the icon to access the information to the page, as well as any popups/sticky bars attached to the page.